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rescue at pine ridge  I just finished reading this marvelous novel. As the web master for the Greater Washington, DC Chapter and for the El Paso, Texas Chapter of the 9th & 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association, I review, study, write, lecture and read about the four Buffalo Soldier regiments on a daily basis. Some of my best research is drawn from the organizational returns filed by the officers upon their return from patrols, so this novel brought to life those same dry Army reports. Mr. Hicks' novel was akin to viewing the great John Ford's motion picture, "Sergeant Rutledge", except in written form. Bravo Mr. Hicks, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the amazing Major Guy V. Henry, the 9th Cavalry and that exceptional unit known as Troop K, 9th Cavalry (Horse). Using this novel as the screeplay, with no need for editing, would make a tremendous motion picture. Can you imagine today's top actors bringing this story to us in blu ray. Oboy!!!!

Rescue at Pine Ridge, is a thrilling novel with non-stop action and adventure. I was pleased to learn this story of the Buffalo Soldiers, rescuing the famous 7th Cavalry! Along with all of the historical men who died and gave their life for this country with little no recognition, it's wonderful for them to get there due and recognition . This information certainly wasn't in my history books!!!
The author does a wonderful job in laying out the story and interacting the hero's with one another. I feel as though I have just received my doctorate in American History. I was aware of the Buffalo Soldiers, mostly through the Bob Marley song, I had no idea the relevance of these men (hero"s). I am ready to see more!!!  Looks like there is going to be a movie... When and how soon! Can't wait. I urge any and everyone to buy and READ this book!!!! Pass on the knowledge

Rescue at Pine Ridge the novel, is the untold story of the rescue of the framed 7th Cavalry, by the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers.
The novel takes the reader on a journey with one of the most highly disrespected regiments in the history of the United States Military, " The Buffalo Soldiers". The gossip and rumors they experienced were false due to paranoia and racism. The civilians, their Officers, the American Indians that gave them their name, who observed their bravery, gallantry and heroism, knew better. Rescue at Pine Ridge is the story of the 9th Cavalry from its Congressional conception in 1866, to the rescue of the famed 7th Cavalry by the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers, 1890. The 7th Cavalry was entrapped again after the Little Big Horn Massacre, fourteen years later by the Lakota Nation, the day after the Wounded Knee Massacre. Only after enduring an all night forced-march in a snow blizzard, the 7th Cavalry are saved from sure annihilation by the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Solders. The story concludes with the 9th Cavalry, K Troop, representing all the 9th Cavalry, being rewarded for accomplishments at Pine Ridge, and their other duties in the 'western territory', with Presidential Parade Escort and Ceremonial Burial Detail duties. This story is about, brutality, compassion, reprisal, bravery, redemption, heroism and gallantry

There are quite a few western novels about soldiers - especially the 7th cavalry and George Armstrong Custer. "Rescue at Pine Ridge" describes an episode about the legendary Buffalo Soldiers from the 9th cavalry. Erich Martin Hicks knows about what he is writing. He tells about the soldiers everyday life as well as the participation during historical events. Its time that these brave and bold men are given a "literary monument", and this is what Erich Martin Hicks has done. He did detailed researches for this novel and thats what makes this book so fascinating. Thrilling episodes about the Buffalo soldiers - from the Apache Wars to Wounded Knee. Good work and good writing style - I recommend this book to all readers who are interested in historical facts and a thrilling storyline.

Rescue at Pine Ridge should be required reading! Tell everyone you know to read this important book of historical facts and entertainment!
Rescue at Pine Ridge is an awesome journey. I was completely enthralled with this story, the special attention to detail and accuracy, although fictionalized. I found that I couldn't put the book down at times. This story made me wish I had listed in my American History class! Although it is an atrocity what happened to the Native Americans, the black soldiers were between a rock and hard place I feel. I am compelled to do further research on this time period based on this novel. 
The forced march towards the end of the novel, through the snow was amazing, this really shows the dedication and determination of the Buffalo Soldiers. The Buffalo Soldiers are true American unsung heros, as are the Native Americans. I understand there is to be a film of this story I look forward to the film. Please buy and read this book, it is a true American Story.

a lonestar christmasJ. A. Johnstone has taken a William W. Johnstone outline and produced a story involving multiple characters(far more than ever before...including some very famous ones featured in his other books like Smoke Jensen, Matt Jensen, Falcon MacAllister & Duff MacAllister)who are engaged in a normal Western drama in the season preceeding Christmas. Big Jim Conyer, a successful Texas rancher, decides to switch his herd from Longhornes to Black Angus and sends some of his cowboys north to Dodge City, KS to collect the 2500 cow starter herd of Angus which are coming in by train from Wyoming then drive them south over 400 miles in winter weather to his ranch near Fort Worth, TX. The story is filled with subtle plots and surprise connections which keep the reader engaged. It never slows down. Big Jim's daughter Rebecca and a stranger from Boston named Tom Whitman (big charater in this book) have a hard time sorting out their romantic feelings the reasons for which become clear at the tail end of the book. Here's hoping the character Tom Whitman will be featured in future books by this fine young author! As always, the story is told without profanity and/or lurid sexual content making it suitable for us all...even the youngsters among us.

This book is sold as a Pinnacle Western but I wonder if it might also classify as a romance or fantasy or family reunion. However, it does have a good Western plot with lots of action. Unfortunately, I had to read over 300 pages to enjoy about 150 pages of Western story and action. The rest consisted of the romantic misadventures between Rebecca and Tom, Maria's miraculous delivery of Emanuel, the amazing reunion of daughter (Rebecca) with her mother, and Kirby "Smoke" Jensen discovering his niece (Rebecca) is his deceased sister's daughter. Oh, there were some exciting Western scenes, along with storms, fire, flooding and interaction with good native Americans.  I've been wondering if some unnamed authors have been writing some of the Johnstone stories and lack the true Western writing spirit of Bill Johnstone.
Whatever, this was still a good Western and I'm still a Johnstone (W. W. or J. A.) fan!

o doulA traditional western novella you can enjoy in one sitting, O'Doul shows off the fine craftsmanship of Wayne Dundee with tight settings and spot-on dialog. Slow to burn, with realistic characters and a poignant resolution you won't soon forget, O'Doul is a satisfying read, highly recommended.

For the price of a soft drink (not the over-priced hotel fare, I'm talking about a coke for a buck), you can enjoy Wayne D. Dundee's novella, O'Doul, and you can read it over lunch on your phone or e-reader. Dundee, like many other Western/mystery writers, produces good stories in both genres. His Joe Hannibal novels belong on every private eye reader's shelves. Lately, Dundee and several other authors are taking the plunge into ebooks, and things are going quite well for the Western. Just when you think the genre is dead and gone, it's riding back with a vengeance, claiming readers by surprise with its winding paths into adventurous times past. This piece is introspective and surprising. Given the kind of Western story and hero I grew up with, Dundee was able to surprise me with this one by changing up the game. I expected him to zig and he chose to zag instead, and I can't really talk about the plot much more without giving everything away. The characters in this one are sharp enough to make you feel them as you read, and the problems that get presented are common enough. But Dundee has the ability to put you on the ranch as a working hand, in the saddle with a cowboy working out his last years, and dealing with a problem that has hard solutions. O'Doul will while away your lunch hour and give you something to chew on afterwards.

For almost a century, short stories of the old west had a place on newstands. But no more. Now these gems of character and plot can be downloaded on your e-reader. Dundee, oft nominated for various awards in the mystery field, now gives you a western that ought to be up for a couple of awards. There is a mystery, good characters, and an actual killer plot. This western is begging for a download. You won't be disappointed - I know I wasn't. O'Doul is terrific.

cottons war
In "Cotton's War" as in his previous westerns, Phil Dunlap is as accurate as a .50 Caliber Sharps rifle at 500 yards with his knowledge of the history, geography, weapons, equipment and culture of the Old West. However, in his new series debuting with "Cotton's War", he has put on his "big boy britches" and stepped up to a whole new level - dirty, gritty, sweaty, sometimes profane and dead-nuts on target when portraying the way it was back in those wonderful days of the Old West. He has done his homework, researched his subject, spent many days and hours traveling in the areas described and has used to great advantage his ability to bring the characters and the times to life in this first of the new series featuring Sheriff Cotton Burke. I look forward with great anticipation to the next book in the series and many more to follow. Great job, Phil, and keep 'em coming - they just get better and better.

I read many westerns from lamour to kelton ..and this book was sooo entertaining... It has many humorous parts and a great plot and characters...I cant wait for the sequel...Buy it you wont be disappointed...

life was a cabaretThis award-winning nonfiction sea adventure is a must read. New sailors will garner a wealth of helpful information as the author and her husband manage to stay afloat for 25,000 miles of fun and adventure. Old salts will enjoy some hearty entertainment and chuckles as well.

Be prepared to want to pack your sea bags and leave on the first boat you see! This audacious, rollicking adventure is about two neophyte sailors who didn't know "one pointy end of a boat from the other pointy end" as they sailed from the Pacific Northwest to Alaska for two years and thence to the South Pacific. Unbelievable!  This book is living proof that "dreams really do come true!"
First published in paperback by Moonlight Mesa Associates in 2005.

What a the shopkeeperfun read this book was. The Steve Dancy character is likeable and down-to-earth, but has some surprising talents that are uncovered as the story unfolds. I liked the link between the rough and ready spirit of the West and the complexity of the accompanying politics. The details of day-to-day living in a mining town, on the trail, at a cattle ranch, and in the political arena made this story really come alive. The other characters were well developed and you just have to love the elder Mrs. Bolton. I look forward to reading `Leadville' to find out what Steve Dancy learns about the West in next chapter of his adventures

I chose this book because of the reviews as a gift for an avid Western reader who doesn't troll online or frequent bookstores because of an illness. He received this wonderful gift last Wednesday and finished it on his second day LOVING IT and wanting another "Steve Dancy" book NOW. He'll have to wait for Christmas it appears but thank you James D. Best for a fabulous new character and wonderfully written book from someone who loves his (quality) Westerns. You have brightened someone's days who needed some brightening! His daughter is jealous that SHE didn't give it to him. So, well done Mr. Best... Keep writing!!

I just finished reading "The Shopkeeper", and I keep thinking to myself - Wow - that was a really good book. One of the best things about the story is that is not predictable (I'm really tired of many authors "formula" stories where you have it figured out after a couple chapters) And, the author has a descriptive way with words that makes you feel like you're right there witnessing the story. I found myself staying up at night to read "just one more chapter" before I had to force myself to put it down. I'm really looking forward to the next Steve Dancy tale.

LeadvilleSteve Dancy in back and taking the reader for a high mountain adventure in the Rocky Mountains this time. There's kidnapping, hard riding, hunting, gunfights, political wrangling, business development, cowboys, Indians, hard men, sassy women, the good life, and the hard life all rolled into this fast-moving tale. Mr. Best does an artful job of showing the details of a day in the old west, so that you can virtually see the scene in your mind's eye. He also develops the characters so that they seem real. I was most taken by his especially bad villians - both male and female in this book. A good adventure for the reader!

Ever since I finished The Shopkeeper, I've been waiting for the next book in the series. Leadville didn't disappoint. It kept me up nights again. I not only got Steve Dancy, but all his friends were back. Again, awesome!

Another great book by James Best! Loved "Leadville" as much as the first book in the series, "The Shopkeeper". Great action and plenty of laughs. Steve Dancy is a very likable lead character surrounder by many others. Hope there are other books in the series to come. A fun and enteraining read. Westerns at their "Best".

ThiMurder_at_Thumb_Buttes is the third in a series of Steve Dancy novels and I look forward to many more. James Best is becomming one of the finest western writers in history. Do yourself a big favor and start with The Shopkeeper and read - enjoy all three in order.

That's what I'm waiting for! I couldn't stop reading! I finished all three in less than a week! My favorites stories are westerns and James Best is quickly becoming my favorite western author. The Shopkeeper got me hooked, Leadville pulled me in deeper, and Murder at Thumb Butte had me hoping James Best had stayed up all night to finish another one so I could stay up all night reading it. If you enjoy westerns, then the Steve Dancy Tales should be the next on your list. Download all three. You don't want to take a chance that the internet goes down, just as you finish one of them, and you have to wait even one extra minute to download the next

James D. Best is now officially my favorite writer. This third book in the Steve Dancy series is as page turning as The Shopkeeper and Leadville. I hope to see many more books coming from Best. Highly recommended and you will not be disappointed..

the last bulletThis captivating account comes as close to living history as one is likely to find.  Ermal's characters come alive amidst the dramatic backdrop of the Old South during the war. He has woven the lives and events together into a wonderful read

The Last Bullet.  “Ermal Walden Williamson has completed a saga about a segment of the Civil War, which illustrates his artistic ability to write with historic accuracy while keeping the reader interested in what lies around the corner.  His dialogue is excellent, making for interesting and exciting reading.”



the ghost of ginny mcbrideErmal Walden Williamson has blended history with a "ghostly" tale of the western past in “The Ghost of Ginny McBride”. His rich character development mixed with a strong storyline has created a book that is hard to put down. His addition of a few familiar characters has made Williamson's latest book his best ever.

“The Ghost of Ginny McBride” brings to light the search we all chart for ourselves.  Although most people know what it is they seek, some don’t even realize when they have found what they’re looking for.

Ermal Williamson weaves a delightful story that follows a cast of characters in their own personal searches.

we conquer or dieErmal Walden Williamson  has done a wonderful job of bringing the men and the events to life. His sense of dialogue and characterization breathed life into the men. It is as if you connected the dots with dialogue and interaction. I like the involvement of Cleburne as well. Once the Rangers hit the trail, I found it difficult to put the book down. I also like the way you wove in the Tennessee girl into the story.”

In We Conquer or Die, Ermal Walden Williamson further highlights his uncanny ability to combine imaginative storytelling with a keen sense of historical perspective and detail.  This is the fourth, and easily the best in his "Brazos" series


the man from brazosI have thoroughly enjoyed reading Ermal Williamson's historical Western novels. These days good Westerns are difficult to find. I'm speaking of story only in this review (others have mentioned things with punctuation and syntax). This is a wonderful series written by an author who lives the West and has cowboy blood racing through his veins. If you don't know Ermal -- check out his website, and see one of his John Wayne shows in Branson. You'll be hooked! Western novel lovers -- get this book

When abolitionists and slavers clash for control of the Kansas territory just before it was to achieve statehood, Matt Jorgenson found himself caught up in their bloody, brutal conflict. Matt was fast and fatal when handling a pistol, but being an accomplished gunhand with a widening reputation is no defense against falling in love with another man's woman or being able to stop the murder of his best friend in a time when pre-Civil War politics was setting neighbor against neighbor. Highly recommended for all western buffs, The Man From The Brazos is an entertaining and vivid read.

call of the brazosAnyone interested in Western novels or in just great storytelling will love this book. Equally great are the first two in the series, Across The Brazos and The Man From The Brazos. Ermal Walden Williamson has a fresh approach on the cowboy lifestyle and way of life. Normally, I don't care to much for Westerns but the stories are compelling, the charectors are colorful, and the language is powerful. I promise if you read one of these novels you will be waiting in line for the next one. Let me give you some advice, when you start one of these have some time on your hands, because you won't want to put them down!

across the brazosAs a boy growing up, John Wayne and the western movie was a way of life. This book, ACROSS THE BRAZOS, brought all those memories flooding back. This is not just a book; it is a western movie jumping off the pages. Words turn into scenes. All the characters become alive and you ride thru the pages with them. Once you start reading the book you can't put it down. Once finished you wish for more. A very great first effort by a man who knows the west.

I just finished reading "ACROSS THE BRAZOS".It is avery well written follow up to"THE COWBOYS"by William Dale Jennings,although you don`t need to read "The Cowboys" to get into "Across The Brazos".It is great all on its own.It tells of before and after "The Cowboys".It tells the story of Matt Anderson and what happend since he left his fathers ranch in termoil over 20 yrs ago.Now he has to decide on going back to take over his fathers ranch or stay where he has called home for many years.It has everything you would want in a western:Gunfights,cattle drives,fist fights,purty girls,and of course the villian.It is written great for a first book.It would be great for a fiftieth book.ACROSS THE BRAZOS is up there with all the great westerns.It could hold its own very well with Louis L`Amour or Zane Grey,or any of the great western writers of our time.

To anyone thinking of reading this book, I highly urge you to do so. You will not be sorry, nor will you consider it a waste of your time. From the first few pages, you will be gripped with the story, and right there on the range with the characters. I read "Across The Brazos" in short order. Ermal Walden Williamson is a man I am proud to call my friend. I think that there is not a finer man on the face of this earth to portray John Wayne than Ermal. His sincere approach to preserving the memory of an American Icon is outstanding


miles to little ridgeFirstly, I don't think I've ever read a western before; you know Western as in cowboys and sheriffs and all that stuff but am I glad that I picked up MILES TO LITTLE RIDGE? You bet! Great story with interesting characters and a whole lot more for not a lot of money. What intrigued me to begin with was that Heath Lowrance is writing about a character, US Marshall Gideon Miles, from the pen of Edward A. Grainger. To let someone else loose with your creation involves such a lot of trust and Grainger must be delighted with the tale that Lowrance came up with. The characters and the setting are both expertly drawn, opening up with the Swede chopping wood, unaware that his partner, Christian, was becoming aroused by his hard body and the rhythm of the work. So this wasn't what I expected! Go read this yourself - it's not what you expect! I always think it's a good sign that I'm disappointed when I get to the end of a story. No, I'm not crazy! What I mean is that I'm disappointed that there's not more, that I've already devoured such a tasty offering and Miles to Little Ridge is definitely one of those stories. I've got other Cash Laramie & Gideon Miles stories sitting waiting on my Kindle and they've now just moved rapidly up my TBR list and I'll also be checking out more of Mr. Lawrance's writing with Trestle Press. Oh heck...I think I'm in love again

I recently enjoyed the first two volumes of Cash Laramie's adventures and actually stated in my review of the second one that there needs to be more Miles Gideon, so I was a happy bunny to receive this book. Unlike the Cash books this is a single story and the story centres around his partner Marshal Gideon Miles.For somebody my age it is easy to forget that there was ever a time when racial segregation existed in mainstream society. Hearing the main character regularly being ignored and dismissed as boy or negro takes a bit of getting used to. I do like the fact that his US Marshal badge allows him to overcome some of these barriers. It is not much, but at that time it must have been huge. I know it is fiction but I like the subtext that Gideon Miles is fighting for equality just by doing his job and upholding the law.Marshal Miles goes about things in a different manner than his partner Marshal Laramie. Where Cash is impulsive and believes in justice before the law, Gideon prefers not to have any judgement and to merely enact the law as he has been charged to do. I found this really interesting and added background to the dynamic between the two characters.
There are plenty of hooks in this story, and I expect to see a lot more stories about Gideon Miles. This is a good thing.This is a dirt cheap and enjoyable read. It is a little on the short side, or maybe I just enjoyed it so much that I lost track of time in the bath. Either way I read this in a single sitting and enjoyed it from start to finish.

no good like it isA fast moving engaging Civil War epic. Following Captain Dobey Walls and his right hand man, Sergeant Major Melton through their adventures and mis-adventures puts you in the saddle in the middle of the action of Terry's Texas Rangers and the old west. The author's visual characterizations and graphic depiction of the battles and the country that our nation was based on is both enlightening and heart warming. I highly recommend this novel and look forward to the seque

I don't usually like books of the Western genre, but this one is well written and the dialog and characters compelled me to keep reading. I am enamored of Doc. I'd like to see a sequel with Doc as the main character.

You don't need to read McKendree Long's bio to discover he is from a long line of military veterans. His heritage and service is creatively woven into the pages of NO GOOD LIKE IT IS through his obvious knowledge and passion for the subject matter. In addition to his vivid descriptions of Western landscapes, Long uses authentic dialogue for his characters (I love it when an author gets this right), and takes the reader back to the violent Old West with a compelling plot that has twists and turns right up to the final pages. I am not one to give praise lightly, but have to applaud the attention to historical detail in NO GOOD LIKE IT IS. Long shows he has an obvious talent for smoothly blending intricate historical facts into his scenes, making this novel all that historical fiction should be: educational, enlightening, and, most of all, entertaining!

angel and the cowboyMax Garrison comes to town and meets Miss Danielle Sommer. He wants to court her, but she's hesitant. While raised by a white couple, she is Mexican and doesn't quite fit in. That doesn't matter to Max. Does he have the patience to win Dani's heart?  Yeary's writing draws the reader completely into Dani's world. It's easy to understand her loneliness and that she doesn't fit in. It's also delightful to learn Max wants to be with her because of the person she is. The story's message is subtle, yet clear: God loves us for who we are. I especially liked the rich characterization and the authentic details that Yeary peppers into the story to make you feel like you're right there with Max and Danielle. Angel and the Cowboy speaks to the true meaning of Christmas.

savage texasSam Heller and Johnny Cross are exciting new characters in what I hope will be many more books in this new series. You just gotta get your hands on SAVAGE TEXAS. I raced through its 314 pages in a couple of days. I sure hope J. A. Johnstone gave the publisher another 300 pages or so and I think he did because Sam Heller's alliance with a sassy, young Mexican beauty was left unfulfilled and she is going to want to lift his hair over it. I'll bet the publisher just "ended it" at this point in what is a MUCH LARGER story! We shall see..

Savage Texas is most certainly a man's man kind of read, but being a woman I can say that I too was gripped with excitement while reading this book. The descriptive writing put me right inside the action and I was on the edge of my seat just waiting for the moment that Sam Heller and the rest of his men bring down the treacherous Brock Harper!! And BOY DO THEY! This is truly a Johnstone gem and I cannot wait to get more acquainted with this new fella Sam Heller!

massacre mountainThe authors William W. Johnstone (now deceased) and his nephew J. A. Johnstone have done it again! Folksey Cotton Pickens is Sheriff of Doudtful, WY and he likes the job at just $40.00 a month. Then a "Crime Wave" hits the town starting with Cotton as its first victim (mugged,his beloved horse "Critter" murdered)and the 'front man' for a traveling show stabbed to death. The town comes down hard on Cotton annuoncing he will be replaced but Cotton requires 30 days written notice prior to leaving and vows to get the crimes solved with or without a badge on his chest. There are loads of twists and turns with the 'old west jargon' of those not formally educated permeating the story. It's easy to picture youself right there in Doubtful while everything is going on. Pretty showgirls, randy cowboys, a crooked town judge, the odd but dangerous sheriff of the neighboring county and his criminal pal starting to take over, lots of townswomen marching in protest of the scantilly clad showgirls on stage attracting all the men in town and at the nearby ranches who aren't spending their earnings at the stores they and their husbands own...and the banker's wife who is much more involved than anyone knows...especially Cotton and we, the readers. This is another enjoyable novel that covers lots of plots and sub-plots and spicey scenes without foul language or words that youngsters should not hear. I rate it FIVE STARS and "G" for General audiences!!

Things hadn't gone well for Cotton Pickens of doubtful lately. He'd been robbed on Main Street. Then someone stole his horse, Critter. His room was broken into and his pistol belt and gun were taken(things had been peaceful lately and that thing was heavy). Then Critter was found dead outside of town. Someone didn't like him. The leaders of Doubtful weren't happy. He was told he would be fired, but he couldn't quit until they found a replacement. Ike Berg, "Iceberg," a sheriff in a neighboring county is auditioning and he makes no bones about not liking Cotton's brand of enforcement and starts making arrests on his own. A well dressed stranger is found knifed to death. Cotton begins to get mad. Most of the crime wave seems aimed at him. Who wants him out of the way? And Why? A humorous series rapidly becoming a favorite. I've not figured out who J. A. Johnstone is this time around.

The Preachers Fury
Wow! It's great to get another story about Preacher. In this one we get to meet some friends of his which were not in any of the other books, see him engaged in a ton of battles, observe his handling of a sweet young Indian woman who wants him permanent-like and her tribe's War Chief who has some serious other ideas on the subject. As usual, Preacher is a terror when fighting and quite the strategist when it comes to tactics while outnumbered or outgunned. This is 300 or so pages of non-stop action that leaves you wishing there were another 300 or so to go.

the ranch next store and other storiesLike little samples of your favorite desserts all wrapped up in the pages of this debut book, The Ranch Next Door and Other Stories by Elisabeth Grace Foley. This writer truly has the beautiful gift of being able to offer a taste of what she can write in this simple but powerful short stories. I found myself lost immediately in each one and wanted to much more when I got to the end. The way I viewed each of these stories were like the old radio western stories our grandparents and parents would listen to on the radio. Just enough of the episode to keep you on the edge of your seat and then tuning back in the following evening just to hear what happened next. I would LOVE to see Elisabeth Grace Foley write a full length novel on one of the stories she has so eloquently captured in this collection, but for those of you that love those classic western tales of life on the wide open range with danger and intrigue around the corner with a touch of romance tossed in for good measure, then this is the perfect collection for you. Here's a synopsis of what you'll find in the book from the author: Suspense, humor and a touch of romance await in seven short stories of the American West. In the title story, "The Ranch Next Door," a cattleman's young son dreads breaking the news to his family that he has fallen in love with the daughter of a neighboring sheep rancher despite an ancient feud between the two families. In "Cross My Heart," a boy is torn between betraying his conscience or a fugitive friend, and in "Delayed Deposit," five people are taken hostage during a bank robbery that turns into a tense standoff. The collection also includes the award-winning "Disturbing the Peace," honorable mention in the 2010 Rope and Wire short story competition. These seven stories total approximately 40,330 words or 161 book pages. As you can see there are some great stories locked within the pages of this wonderful book and I was honored to be asked to review this book by the author for my honest opinion. Being a huge fan of western historical fiction, I couldn't wait to read this one and hope for many many more from her in the future. In my opinion the reader will not be disappointed and this one rates a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.

The archetypal Western story generally tends to follow a revenge plot line. By that measure, THE RANCH NEXT DOOR AND OTHER STORIES by Elisabeth Grace Foley is not a collection of typical Westerns. It is however, seven wonderfully told short stories that will hold your attention until the last word. While they involve some gun-play, these stories aren't the classic shoot-em up Western that made the genre famous. They are instead character studies, and there is even a sprinkling of romance thrown in for good measure. "The Ranch Next Door" is a Romeo and Juliet tale told Western style involving cowmen and sheepherders. In "Cross My Heart," Jerry Heath struggles with betraying the trust of a long-time friend who shows up at his ranch with  lawmen on his trail. "Delayed Deposit" is fraught with tension as a bank robbery turns into a hostage situation. "A Rangeland Renaissance" is another tale with a twist of romance, but one that will bring a smile to your face. "The Outlaw's Wife" is an excellent story with a twist at the end you won't see coming.  With THE RANCH NEXT DOOR AND OTHER STORIES, Foley injects a breath of fresh air into the Western genre. These stories are ripe with themes and morals that will stick with you after you've read them

The Long ShootersAs an ex-police officer and firearms instructor, I can add my wholehearted endorsement to "The Long Shooters." Dan knows what he's talking about and his story is exceptionally well told. Buy this book. You'll enjoy it.

Rarely can a western novel re-define its genre. This one does, in nothing less than a masterful fusion of multiple genres. Not satisfied to just craft a truly epic western, this author goes on to blend an American classic with elements of the mystery-thriller and detective fiction. Dan Chamberlain's unmistakable depth of knowledge in western lore and firearms is nothing short of remarkable, while lending an authentic and believable touch to every page of the book. Fans of the Great American Western will be delighted, while readers of all genres will be surprised to learn what they have been missing. Its just that good!

This is a great western. Well written, and it keeps you engaged. Well worth the 5 bucks! Great characters and the descriptive nature put you into the setting. If you are a fan of Louis L'Amour you will enjoy this.

mattie. a womans journey westIf you've been to Yellowstone, you may have seen Mattie's grave and been curious as to who she was. This book answers that question as well as possible. The author went to great lengths to find information and she puts it together very well. I very much enjoyed the book and use the information often in my work in Yellowstone National Park. I recommend it for anyone who is interested in Yellowstone stories.

A Woman's Journey West is a must read! Nan Weber's unique approach of re-creating the life of a pioneer woman and her family is entertaining, educational and interesting. This is a well written book! I am looking forward to more works from this talented author!

Great research and writing brings Mattie Culver to life. Nan Weber shows that even though Mattie Culver died in 1889, she still reach out and touch us today

singing in the saddleMany people have given me their reactions to Yellowstone Chip Samuell's story. It fills me with joy to know that Chip brings back memories of their own family member. I enjoy hearing the stories about their own Uncle and his days in Montana or the "character" that entertained them while at a dude ranch or the Grand Canyon.

Equally important to me is the reaction to my research that document's Chip's journey through the his life. Chip brings life to his Yellowstone days, his wrangling and of course his music, but what he doesn't say gives me the opportunity to document his contribution to what sometimes seems like a lost era. Being told the research helps brings an understanding to their own family during the depression makes an author know the words work.

Thanks to all those who read, react and respond.

Timothy's HomePraise for "Timothy's Home":
Author, Elaine Littau proves herself to be a seasoned and skilled storyteller in "Timothy's Home", the final installment of the Nan's Heritage series. Touching, often heart-wrenching, this inspiring novel will make you love her characters and leave a smile on your face long after the last page is read.

Reflections from the WildernessAs a reviewer I have become in tuned to the heartbeat of many authors. I can sense the excitement of the thrill in a suspense read, the fear in a murder read, the faith in a Christian read as they pen their words. A true writer does not write from the mind, but from the heart. That is what I found in this outstanding work by, Stoney Greywolf Bowers. Poetry can be tricky to write and to read. The words of a poet tell a story, paint a picture, create an emotion within us, or they leave us dry and wanting. Within the pages of this wonderful collection, "Reflection from the Wilderness," author, Stoney Greywolf Bowers, breaths the very depth of his heart and life into the reader. Through his words the life of a cowboy, the life of the Native American, the life of the wilderness becomes a living force that awakens excitement of the reality of a special time in our world. A time that needs to be remembered, cherished, and honored. All of the words within this book touched me in one way or another, everyone unique and brimming with words that will set your heart afire, and several touched my very Spirit. A Fighting Cheyenne Never Dies, left me with the words, forgive us. Colorado Wilderness, left me with a sense of pride at the beauty and majesty of our land, and Jake and The Snake, caused me to smile. However, Cowboy Ride, my favorite, brought tears to my eyes and a prayer that the cowboy never dies. Few works have stirred such emotions within me. I believe to me, this collection voices the heart cry of our heritage. Part of America slowly disappearing that needs to be captured and remembered. It is the greatness of a nation, the fortitude of men, animals, land and the struggle to survive. This work is more than a collection of poetry, or one man's memories, it is a work of art and history. Truly a book that I am proud to give my highest recommendation to and urge you to read this book, enjoy it over and over again, and pass it down from generation to generation. A true keepsake. It is an honor to have read this book. I truly say thank you to our talented author.

One Last ChaseMicah is retired from the US Marshal's. He is enjoying his time with his family on his ranch. Little does his family know, he is suffering from Cancer. He has told no one as he does not want anyone to worry or better yet, make him bed ridden. He gets a telegram from his doctor up at Ft. Smith. He gets his things together to go for a week long trip. Addie sleepy eye comes down to see where her grandpa is going. He tells he to go back to bed and he is going to the doctors. As soon as Micah leaves Nathan Priest moves in for the kidnapping of Addie and they also take her friend Lucinda with them. In order to get the girls, Nathan shoots Addie's father and kills Lucinda's father. Nathan, his 4 cohorts and the 2 girls set off to a cabin far off. When Micah gets to the doctors office he soon finds out his doctor did not send for him at all and he high tails it back to his ranch to see about his family. He gets home to learn his granddaughter has been kidnapped and who all has been hurt or killed. After talking to Addie's father, he now knows who he is after and gets his things together to go hunt the man down. Before he can leave the ranch, one of his hired hands Jed, stops him as he wants to go along. After a long talk the two head out. What will happen? Will the ex Marshal find them? What will the body count be? I loved this western read the characters pop and the story line keeps you reading till the end. I had a hard time putting this book down. There are some amazing secrets in the story along with some fantastic twists. I was totally wrong in who set the plan up to take out Micah. Wayne does an excellent job with the story, the knowledge, and the characters so much so you don't want the book to end. One of my favorite characters was Jed. An innocent young man who feels as Addie is his little sister and Micah as his father and wants to help get her back. He learns a lot along the way and turns out to be a strong man. There are some funny scenes with Jed.
I do hope there will be more westerns like this from Wayne. He has a fan in me.

From the Horses MouthBob Kinford is a life long student of the horse. He has spent the last forty years working on ranches and feedlots, and training horses across the west. Perhaps the most important thing he has learned over the decades is that there is always a reason a horse becomes a "problem", and that most of the time the problem is caused from past handling or injury. From The Horse's Mouth not only teaches the reader to look for the reason behind the problem, but keeps them entertained as well!

Marchal of Medicine Lodge"A particularly rewarding novel written by one of the finest Western novelists of our times. Stan Lynde's novels are laced with wry humor, thoughts on the art of living and growing, toughness and tenderness, and the keenest understanding of human nature I've ever seen in fiction."
                                                                                                  - -Richard S. Wheeler, Seven time SPUR Award winner and winner of the 2001 Owen Wister Award

"Lynde's pleasant, genuine narration, tinged with both wit and grit, carries the narrative; the authenticity, country humor, and vibrant characters all make for a warmly entertaining read. Satisfying Western fare, in the vein of Louis L'Amour."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          --Kirkus Discovery Reviews

MARSHAL OF MEDICINE LODGE was a 2006 SPUR AWARD finalist in Western Novel Category. Also was 2006 Independent Publisher Book Award Winner, West Mountain--Best Regional Fiction

Saving Miss JulieOnce again, popular author Stan Lynde blends humor, suspense, and high adventure to create a story rich in characterization and sense of place. Saving Miss Julie is an exciting and fast-paced tale told by a master storyteller.

Buckskins and BloodI just got this book today and I'm already in Chapter 18. I can't put it down. It is that good. I peaked at the end of it and am happy to say that it has a happy ending. This book would make a great movie. Hayden Christensan can play Alexander Campbell.

Tame a Wild HeartI read "Tame a Wild Heart". I liked it. It is really good. The author has woven all of the plots and sub plots together beautifully. All westerns have some element of romance in them, so I can truly call this a western even though it had a little more romance than I am used to. I liked the book within a book, the penny dreadful. The research, for instance on the Henry Rifle, and the attention to detail is exceptional. All of the characters were true to form and believable. All in all, I think it is a wonderful job. Anyone who enjoys western fiction and romances would like to read this book

This is a warm-hearted romance, with a feisty heroine and a wonderful hero. Cynthia has created memorable scenes, within a remarkable western. I love the story-within-the-story aspect, and of course, the HEA! Well done!.

Hangtown CreekWith "Hangtown Creek," author John Putnam produces elements of the classic Western reminiscent of tales such as "Lonesome Dove." Instead of an epic cattle drive, Putnam uses his detailed knowledge of the California Gold Rush to weave a story of intrigue and adventure. He brings alive rich characters like Maggie Magee, whose feminine allure sparkles like a nugget even under a crust of tragedy and hardship when she is thrust into the world of hard-working, hard-drinking miners of the mid-19th century. She has to struggle against villainy embodied by the likes of a half-breed named Cherokee Bill and Smiling Jack, whose moniker stems from a knife scar that stretches almost ear-to-ear. Fortunately for Maggie, she is surrounded by nobler souls such as young Tom Marsh, who leans on her for maternal comfort as he watches his real family wither away under the pressure of conditions that molded a new era in American history. It is the author's keen familiarity with the unfolding of this era that makes "Hangtown Creek" such an absorbing story, and which creates a yearning for more.

A great read and a must for us western frolicking connoisseurs. This is a must for those who know little really about life in the Gold Rush Times. Enjoy every word as I did.

The Little WranglerJ.R. Sanders has definitely written a book that should entertain all children (and adults) who read it, and could be just the book that sees them becoming western readers of the future. --Western Fiction Review

It isn't often, in fact it's rare, that a Western book written for young readers makes an appearance. J.R. Sanders' "The Littlest Wrangler" may be the most captivating Western for young readers written in a long, long time. --Tom Jerome. eZine Articles

The Divorce SeekersHalf a century old and I've only lived one year west of the Mississippi, yet the West still seduces me! Cowboys and log cabins, railroads and dude ranches... To find a book brimming with stories and photographs of no-names and celebrities on a Nevada divorce ranch in the 1940's, that was a nostalgia trip; then to read the deeper lines of a hundred romances lost and found, that was a serious journey into the evolving role of women. If only I had a family room with a roaring fireplace, THE DIVORCE SEEKERS would be one of a half dozen books strewn generously across the coffee table. Instead, this intriguing volume invites people in my waiting area at work to reminisce, to feel, to laugh. Sometimes they look like little birds, circling, chirping and pointing toward this picture or that. You'd think they found the last worm on earth

If you love history, Clark Gable, Ava Gardner and cowboys, this book is for you. Being from Minnesota and working at Lake Tahoe in the mid-70's and now being a resident of Reno, I found this book to be a lot more than it's title indicates. Yes, the Reno area was known for being the Divorce Capital of the World, but Bill McGee takes the reader into the back mountains of the Sierras, into the world of New York socialites settling in Virginia City and into what must have been a unique place to live and work - the Flying ME Ranch. The Flying ME was located in what I think is one of the most beautiful spots in Northern Nevada today - Franktown. Even before I knew of the dude ranch, this spot between Carson City and Reno is one of beautiful ranches with white picket fences, Ponderosa Pines and mountain views second to none. Bill and Sandra take the reader back to a time that was unique and one that will probably never exist again. The photography is wonderful and probably tells a story all by itself. This is definitely a worthwhile read and a great coffee table book

Bill and Sandra McGee have authored a fascinating account of an almost forgotten era of the Old West. The old days of the romantic Nevada dude ranch unfold in a format reminiscent of "The Love Boat". Told through the eyes of real life cowboy, Bill McGee, we see east coast patrons come and go through the gates of the famous Flying M E Guest ranch. The dude guests are mostly women arrived to establish a six (6) week residency before securing a quickie divorce. And while lounging at the Flying M E, who could blame a girl for romancing a handsome cowboy? The wonderful photographs alone make this coffee table book well worth its purchase. Fans of the old west should seriously consider adding this fine book to their collection.

The most complete book about Nevada's famous divorce ranch business written by former Nevada dude ranch wrangler, Bill McGee, and his co-author/wife Sandra McGee. From 1947 to 1950, Bill McGee was the head dude wrangler on the Flying M E, an exclusive divorce ranch 20 miles south of Reno that catered to wealthy Easterners, socialites, and Hollywood celebrities seeking a six-week Nevada divorce. Bill's personal stories mixed with history provide ". . . a firsthand account of the epic era of the Reno six-week divorce" (Cowboys & Indians Magazine).

The Wilderness RoadI really enjoyed this story. I fell in love with Rip and Katherine. This was a well researched and well written story. Vivid details from the Civil war period. The story stayed with me long after I finished. Look forward to more stories from L. G. Vernon.

It's 1864 and the Civil War is still going on. Major Rip McKenna, an officer of the Union Army of the Potomac is badly wounded during the infamous Battle of The Wilderness. Rip wonders from his hospital bed, climbs aboard his horse and sets off. Days later a young southern boy finds the delirious Rip lying beside his horse and hurries home to get help. Rip is taken to a plantation where the boy's aunt, Katherine Stuart and her former slaves work hard to nurse Rip back to health. Katherine is young, single and in charge of the plantation. Problems arise when Katherine's evil brother-in-law returns home to find not only a Yankee being nursed, but one he knows and hates. Katherine sees Rip safely back to the Union lines, but finds herself in danger from her brother-in-law and his plan on taking the plantation for himself.  I enjoyed the history and romance of this story. It's well written and entertaining
Rip McKenna is wounded in the "Battle of The Wilderness. He wonders around the woods and is found by Katherine Stuart. She takes him in and when he can travel he goes north. After he has recuperated he regains his command. When he was given the opportunity he goes by Katherine's to thank her and she is gone. The war took its toll on Rip and when it ended he decided to go to the Dakota Territory, Cheyenne. There he found Katherine in the hands of a man that had stalker her from the east. Rip must return to the Rip of old and stop his drinking to set Katherine free from this man. It is a fast moving read that you will enjoy. By Ruth Thompson author of "The Bluegrass Dream" and Natchez Above the River"

Yaqui GoldClint Walker, star of television's Cheyenne, suggested to author Kirby Jonas the basic idea for this novel of the Old West. Over the next two years, they collaborated to create a superb adventure story. The plot concerns two long-time friends, Tom Vanse and Sam Coffee, who leave Nogales, Arizona to find a treasure of gold hidden deep within Yaqui territory in Mexico. With thieves and killers behind them and Yaquis, Apaches and bandits ahead of them, Tom and Sam learn that finding the gold is easy enough but keeping it is far more difficult. After capture by Yaquis, the two friends are separated and while Tom has his own trials to endure, Sam suffers increasingly deadly ordeals that test the limits of his will to stay alive. Stripped of his treasure and everything else he owns, Sam's only hope of surviving is by crawling through a parched desert land populated by jaguars, wolves and rattlesnakes while battling sandstorms and flashfloods. And all the while he is relentlessly followed by the lone Yaqui warrior who mutilated him.

Kirby Jonas has done it again - another GREAT book ! It's exciting ,funny , and makes you cry . He has a way of making you "feel the characters like nobody else can "

A great read for anyone who likes a real western.The fast pace story and action continue thru the whole book.The only problem I had with the book was that it made me thirsty! This is one I would like to see made into a movie. If you like westerns that take you into the story you will enjoy this one.

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