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O’Doul has been a lot of places and done a lot of things in his life. Now, working on a ranch outside Pitchfork Creek, he finds bad things happening all around. The ranch owner and his wife are splitting up and O’Doul is forced to ride herd on a hot-headed cowboy.

When events come to a head, O’Doul makes a deadly decision and goes into action


Author: Wayne D Dundee
Pub Date: October 2,2011
Formats: Kindle







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  In "Cotton's War" as in his previous westerns, Phil Dunlap is as accurate as a .50 Caliber Sharps rifle at 500 yards with his knowledge of the history, geography, weapons, equipment and culture of the Old West. However, in his new series debuting with "Cotton's War", he has put on his "big boy britches" and stepped up to a whole new level - dirty, gritty, sweaty, sometimes profane and dead-nuts on target when portraying the way it was back in those wonderful days of the Old West. 


Author: Phil Dunlap
Pub Date: October 2,2011
Formats: Kindle & Paperback







Cottons LawBuy Now


Apache Springs Sheriff Cotton Burke discovers that Bart Havens, a thieving banker he's once run out of Texas for defrauding citizenry, is behind an ingenious plot that could destroy the town. But first, the vengeful Havens wants to see Cotton burn-and he's bringing the guns to do it.


Author: Phil Dunlap
Pub Date: Jan. 3,2012
Formats: Kindle & Paperback







chris derrick


Jake Base - orphaned at an early age, and now the last surviving member of his family. Adopted and raised by the Plains Indians as one of their own for ten years and destined never to be totally accepted by either the white man or the Indian.
Now he’s a no-nonsense US marshal tracking two killers down into Texas he discovers more than he bargained for.
There are the confusing emotions of a new, and unexpected, love – which in turn puts him in grave danger.
Jake has difficult choices which will need to be made. People will be hurt in the process. This story has it all, bar room brawls, brutal murder, cattle rustling, dusty streets and the lovely Maria Sanchez. Throughout everything one thing remains constant, the one silver coin.
The Tainted Dollar.



Author: Chris G Derrick
Pub Date: Nov.22 2014
Formats: Kindle







El Rancho Jamul


A union soldier leaves the bloody battlefields behind, along with the ashen ruins of his home, to seek the golden promises of California. He encounters a widow fending off evil men who killed her husband to take over her ranch. Seeking only peace and a place to settle, Gabriel Fletcher must unholster his guns to find his new home – and a girl who stands and fights by his side.


Author: Dale Day
Pub Date: Mar. 4th, 2015
Formats: Kindle














































































































































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