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Erich Hicks

Rescue at Pine Ridge

Rescue at Pine Ridge the novel, is the untold story of the rescue of the framed 7th Cavalry, by the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers.
Erich Hicks
The novel takes the reader on a journey with one of the most highly disrespected regiments in the history of the United States Military, " The Buffalo Soldiers". The gossip and rumors they experienced were false due to paranoia and racism. The civilians, their Officers, the American Indians that gave them their name, who observed their bravery, gallantry and heroism, knew better.

Rescue at Pine Ridge is the story of the 9th Cavalry from its Congressional conception in 1866, to the rescue of the famed 7th Cavalry by the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers, 1890. The 7th Cavalry was entrapped again after the Little Big Horn Massacre, fourteen years later by the Lakota Nation, the day after the Wounded Knee Massacre. Only after enduring an all night forced-march in a snow blizzard, the 7th Cavalry are saved from sure annihilation by the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Solders.

The story concludes with the 9th Cavalry, K Troop, representing all the 9th Cavalry, being rewarded for accomplishments at Pine Ridge, and their other duties in the 'western territory', with Presidential Parade Escort and Ceremonial Burial Detail duties.

This story is about, brutality, compassion, reprisal, bravery, redemption, heroism and gallantry.


A table read is when actors get together and read the screenplay as the characters. Ironically the screenplay was written before the novel. We did the table read in front of a audience... They Loved It. I read for the character Trooper Augustus Walley. It was an amazing feeling to find myself part of the action. I was able to sit down and talk with the author Erich Martin Hicks, he has a true and personal insight into the history of the Buffalo Soldiers... I'm enjoying the novel now. Purchase a piece of American History... Listen out for Film/ Mini Series.

EXCELLENT READ. Really enjoyed this book. Thanks to the author for writing about some of our forgotten American History, the BUFFALO SOLDIERS. Would love to see this book a must read in high schools.

The author has brilliantly captured a focal point of history that many would never have known. Through his eyes and research, the reader is able to experience the tenets of hatred and humiliation, joy and pride of the 9th Calvary of Buffalo Soldiers. Although it takes a minute to adjust to the author's writing style, once engaged, the story is a page-mover, from beginning to end. I especially appreciate the artifacts included in the bibliography at the end of the book. Historically--a powerful story that needs to be told over and over again. Grammatically--a proofreader with a fresh eye is needed to overcome some of the errors--though not glaring, give the reader pause to determine what is meant. From what I understand from those who read, Fifty Shades of Gray, grammatical accuracy plays no part in telling a good story. It is the passion that engages and holds the reader's attention.

Keep writing and sharing the history through your special lens so we can see what you see!

I read Rescue at Pine Ridge in two days and struggled, in those two days, to put the book down. What an amzing read this book turned out to be. I highly recommend this book be implemented into our schools. Erich's portrayl of this part of our history is astounding. Throughout the book I almost felt like I was right there sitting with the cavallry awaiting our next orders. I could almost smell the buffalo hide coats they received for winter and I could almost feel the cold in my bones. I was captivated from page one and, with Erich's amazing style of writing, remained captivated through to the end. I highly recommend this book!

RESCUE at PINE RIDGE: Based on a True American Story, is an excellent novel. The author takes great care in his use of words allowing us to actually feel as though we were there. I give it FIVE STARS as I believe it's time that we expand our knowledge past the point we were taught through School and College. There's always more to the actual story but we are only told the truncated story. My Grandfather taught me to keep digging to fully understand the story. A College Professor also said in his lectures that there is ALWAYS more to the story and challenged us to find it. This book appears thoroughly researched and it gives us a great view of the Buffalo Soldier, their life, their importance in the West, how others viewed the Black as a Blue Coat, as well as their contribution to History. This novel is an Excellent, Entertaining, Easy read.

Erich Martin Hicks - "Fly With Eagles"
9th United States Cavalry - Buffalo Soldiers -  "We can; We will"

Alpha Wolf Productions, Inc. - "Fly With Eagles"

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Erich Martin Hicks
Alpha Wolf Productions, Inc.
Alpha Wolf Special Effects

Erich Hicks, founder of Alpha Wolf Productions Inc., is an acclaimed Special Effects Coordinator, Producer and Writer, with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry.  The company is an independent production outlet that develops, writes, and produces feature film and television content.

Historically, Erich is the first African-American/Black to receive a Special Effects Pyrotechnic Operators’ 1st class Masters License in the Motion Picture Industry.  Thus, he is expertly qualified to produce and direct action sequences, stunts and explosions to achieve a realistic scene.  An apprentice to the late legendary Special Effects Coordinator Richard “Dick” Albain, whose credits include; (The Three Stooges; Assault on Precinct 13; Bewitched (TV series); and many more). Erich's work has included the small and large screens including, Scary Movie 2; Diagnosis Murder; Married with Children; Captivity; and The Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show. Periodically, Erich works on the Bachelor and Bachelorette TV shows, and under his belt, a viral Music Video featuring Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, 'Next 2 U' with over one hundred million hits, and he finished work on HOLLYWOOD’S most expensive Motion Picture Feature Film,  'The Lone Ranger', starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer.

As a writer, Erich's first novel, Rescue at Pine Ridge, released in December 2008.  The novel is a historical narrative, depicting the all-Black 9th Calvary.  Known as the US military’s famed 'Buffalo Soldiers', that helped settle the American West in the late 1800's.   Erich has completed an accompanying screenplay for a TV mini-series, Trilogy,  and Epic Feature, and has garnered support from some of HOLLYWOOD'S acclaim Industry Producers/Directors/and Actors.  Dedicated to exploring the history of African-Americans/Blacks and shattering stereotypes, his Alpha Wolf Productions, Inc. has also developed a feature film documentary, Soul on a Wave (narrated by actor/author Hill Harper and acclaimed actor Keith David), which exposes the life and times of surfers of color.  Currently, Erich has completed a motion picture epic screenplay STAGECOACH MARY, based on real life heroine Mary Fields.  'Stagecoach Mary' was the first African-American/Black woman to deliver mail for the United States Postal System in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.  This project has been developed and written for Queen Latifah.

Erich obtains new ideas for his diverse projects from his many travels, acknowledging the direct correlation between nature and history.  An avid outdoorsman, he has traveled near and far to climb the world’s most celebrated mountains, including Mt. Whitney (located in the Eastern Sierras of California) which is the highest mountain in the contiguous United States.  Erich also descends from a family heritage that includes his grandfather's distinction as a Buffalo Soldier who served under General John Joseph (Blackjack) Pershing.  Erich's grandfather was one of the highest-ranking African-American Military Officers in WW-1.  As Captain in the 317th Ammunition Train Division, Captain Lee J. Hicks was responsible for getting ammunition to the war front.

Erich is available for lectures on the Motion Picture Industry, and on issues pertaining to African-American/Black culture, military, politics and history.

Please visit for a comprehensive resume at:   and      for more information.

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