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About the Author

Born in Southwestern Pennsylvania, James has always held a deep respect and a passion for the outdoors.

Early in 2001, James and his wife were involved in a serious car crash. That accident started a chain of events that led him to want to become a writer. James’ time of walking carefree ended. After a year of therapy and a wheelchair, he could walk, but not far.

James’ family came to Pennsylvania from Merkel Texas, and the stories they told him helped to broaden his interest in Westerns. Tired of reading every Western and Action novel, he decided to write a novel the way he would like to see a Western written. It took seven years of writing, but finally Broken Vows was born.


 Broken Vows from American Western Writer - James Leroy
Charley Hawk never considered that becoming a Texas Ranger would trigger a crusade of revenge. In the middle of his first assignment, his wife disappears in mysterious circumstances that seem to include his Ranger unit commander. Learning of a bounty placed on Charley's head, his comrades aid in his disappearance. Now on the run, Charley uncovers vital information. Two dozen ex-cons plan on attaining revenge and acquiring a king's ransom from Charley's hometown of Meade. As ambushes increase on his Ranger troop, suspicions become fact concerning their commander, causing a near mutinous takeover. Once Charley and his trusted comrades reunite in Meade, the uncover the plot that this well-organized gang of ex-cons plan on seizing land, emptying two banks, and stealing the US Army Cavalry payroll, in all, a half-million dollars. The one man who stands in their way— Charley Hawk.

Customer Reviews

"I received this book from a friend of my wife's. It kept my attention the whole time-lots of action. It was the first book that didn't put me to sleep! Excellent. Definitely give it a try!"
-Tom Binkowski




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