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Four cowboys pose for a photo in Montana.

The Trail Boss wears, or carries on his saddle, everything he needs to live and work in the open.

It's been a Long day

I Hear a Train a Coming...

Howdy Partner

An embryo ranch like this tough bachelor setup provides few comforts.

Sure Hope This Trail is Goin Somewhere

Montana Cowhands mock lynching in the 1880's

4 cowhands spoof the quick draw at an impromptu card game

A Two dollar bill made in the short lived (1836-1845) Republic of Texas shows a cowboy roping a longhorn steer

Half cow and half Buffalo, it was called the Cattalo

The Cheyenne Club boasted a coal furnace

This is the beginning of a Ranch near Miles City, Montana.

A Cowboys bunk was his private corner of the world.

On the Lazy S in Texas. Two men- one heifered branded with a frilly apron - dance under the eye of a young  ranch wife and baby

Feet braced, a captured horse pulls gingerly against the choking effect of a snubbed lariet., as buster Lee Warren tries to put on a bridle.

Another horse bucks at the first tightening of the cinch. The stirrup is hooked over the saddle horn to get it out of the way

Bridled and hobbled but still full of fight, a blaze-faced cow pony ducks away from the saddle blanket in Warren's right hand.

Fighting to throw off the saddle, a horse, cross-hobbled by ropes on his forefeetand one hind foot, tugs Warren around the corral.

Warren twists the ear of a bronco, counting on the pain to distract the animal long enough for the buster to swing aboard

To teach a pony to ignore unexpected sounds and motions, Warren hazes it with a rain slicker, then rides to a standstill.

By quirting the bronco every time it bucks, Warren beats in the lesson that disobedience brings instant retribution.

0The Keystone Dehorning Clipper in the 1880,s

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More photo’s coming soon...


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