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Gardeners in the Interior West!

Are you ready to have a gorgeous garden with less work and more beauty?

Please join the Secrets to Beautiful, Easy, and Sustainable Gardening in the Interior West Speaker Series, March 20-May 1. Easily accessible by telephone or online, it will take you to the next level! 15 amazing horticultural experts will cover climate, soil, plant choices, design, maintenance and other hard won wisdom you won’t find anywhere else. Join in live for the calls or listen later at your convenience – all for free. If you are looking for the Garden Like the Pros package you will be directed there after signing up

In recent decades, the Rocky Mountain region has become known for horticultural innovation. Rather than being an obstacle, our bright sun and crisp air are, in fact, a boon to growing plants from the high mountains and plateaus that make up so much of the world’s surface. An ever expanding list of native plants – Phlox, Eriogonum, Penstemon – has entered the world’s gardens, thanks to experimenters in our region..

Do any of these statements describe your experience?
You can successfully throw a pot with the soil in your backyardFire Spinner
The only plants that grow easily for you are considered noxious weeds
You water and water and it doesn’t seem like the plants are benefiting
You’ve had perennials and trees perish over the winter
You need to water your compost heap regularly to get it to do more than sit there for years, unchanged
Your xeric plants rot
Your beloved favorites that grew fine elsewhere constantly struggle

Secrets to Beautiful, Easy, and Sustainable Gardening in the Interior West
Presented by Abundant Earth Gardens and hosted by Eva Montane

Our collective goals are to:

Give you a deep understanding of the conditions that characterize the West
Show you how to work with these conditions for stunning results
Guide you through working with your native soil, including clay
Introduce you to some incredible plant selections that like our conditions
Explain the best way to establish new plants
Teach you how to design and organize your space for least maintenance

Your free registration will allow you to:
Listen to all the calls LIVE… Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning 20 March. Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar NOW! Should you miss a call, the audio recording of each call will be posted above on this page for 24 hours after each call. You’ll have the opportunity to partake in an online community of like-minded gardeners interested in supporting you and sharing tips, challenges, and successes.
Prepare to gain tools and understanding that will revolutionize your gardening this Spring-March 2012:
Understand why what you have been doing hasn’t worked
How our climate is special and how to make it work for you
Grow healthier plants for a more beautiful garden
Achieve the greener and grander results you desire
Walk you through steps to keep your Western-appropriate garden happy

This series will verse you in the trials and the triumphs of gardening in this very special place we call home. There are some tricks of the trade that, once you know, you’ll be rocking and wonder what ever seemed so hard. Please join us to learn what it means to work with this different version of nature instead of against it.

Here is the March 2012 Schedule for ourAll Star Line Up
Calls are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 AM (MST) Mountain Standard Time from March 20th to May 1st 2012.
Through the seasons metaphorically…



Winter: Know Your Region, How its Unique and
Why Gardening is Different Here

March 20, 2012:
USDA Hardiness Zones: Are they all you need to know to have a successful garden?
Learn what USDA Hardiness Zones mean
Learn what USDA Hardiness Zones don’t mean
Learn what else you need to know regarding your growing conditions to be successful.

Cheryl Moore-Gough has been the Technical Editor for Horticulture for Zone 4 magazine since it began in 2008, an Adjunct AssistCheryl Moore-Goughant Professor for Montana State University, and a prolific writer on many plant and garden related topics including vegetable growing, seed saving, and ornamental gardening.Rosa Ruby Voodoo

March 22, 2012:
What Characterizes a Steppe Ecozone and How Can Embracing it Make my Gardening Easier and More Beautiful?
The Rocky Mountains share ecological commonalities with certain other parts of the world.
We have much to gain by looking at gardening from a global perspective.
An understanding of these common conditions can result in easier, more beautiful gardens.

Panayoti Kelaidis is the Senior Curator and Director of Outreach at the Denver Botanic Gardens. He is a world-renowned plantsman and explorer who has revolutionized Rocky Mountain horticulture, with his countless introductions to horticulture and his avant garde approach to gardening in the West.

March 27, 2012: to be announced.



 Plan Your Garden, Working With Nature on Design, Soil Prep, and Watering Strategy

March 29, 2012:
How Good Design Simplifies Garden Tasks and Enhances Enjoyment of Outdoor Space
Know your Site
Good Design Is Low Maintenance
Think Local

Robert Littlepage, APLD; RLA is a licensed landscape architect in both California and Louisiana. Since 1985 he has designed gardens throughout the western United States. He has also consulted on gardens in Louisiana, France and England. In addition to his architecture practice he is the Founder/Director of the California School of Garden Design, and former instructor of design and irrigation at Sierra College.

April 3, 2012:
What it Means to Work WITH Nature in a High and Dry Climate
The truth about amending with organic matter and the more important ingredient
Why Western gardeners should ignore most everything they read
The art of growing plants in heavy clay soil

Robert Nold is an avid gardener constantly exploring how best to garden within the parameters he’s inherited living in the WeRobert Noldst. His conclusions and discoveries have been publised in a host of noteworthy publications including several books he’s authored.

April 5, 2012:
Ideal Establishment from Seed and Nursery Plant to Native SoilSonoran Sunset
How to keep plants happy going from a nursery pot to very different native soil
Why planting from seed is the best way to go
4 tricks for successfully propagating plants from seed directly in the ground

Michael Bone, Denver Botanic Gardens Curator of Steppe Collection and Propagator.

April 10, 2012:
How to Have an Attractive Dry Climate Garden without Soil Amendments or Irrigation.
How and when to plant to minimize the need for supplemental water
How to establish plants in drought affected sites
How to maintain these plants for longevity and beauty

Donna Cuin is the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension educator for Horticulture in Casper for Natrona County. She oversees the Master Gardener organization and several drought resistant, low maintenance, and sustainable demonstration gardens. The gardens are home to many tree, shrub, perennial and grass plants well suited to a drought affected site and have been awarded Plant Select’s Showcase Garden status.



Summer: Select Your Plants; Exciting and Appropriate Plants for a Successful Western Garden

April 12, 2012:
The Easiest to Grow, Longest Blooming Durable Plants for the Western Garden
How Plant Select is forging a truly American style of horticulture
A bold, new plant palette revolutionizing the way we garden
Plants that thrive in both our variable winters and our hot summers

Pat Hayward is the Executive Director of Plant Select. In recent decades, the Rocky Mountain region has become known for horticultural innovation. Rather than being an obstacle, our bright sun and crisp air are, in fact, a boon to growing plants from the high mountains and plateaus that make up so much of the world’s surface. Yellow and purple hardy ice plants from South Africa and salvias and snow daisies from western Asia have gained popularity worldwide through the groundwork of Plant Select
April 17,2012:
Rock Gardening With Native Plants From Around The World
The huge diversity of plants: the more you look the more you will find
Where in the world do you find plants that adapt to our gardens in the Interior West?
PowerPoint Presentation – My favorite plants for rock gardens and native landscapes

Bill Adams owns and operates Sunscapes Rare Plant Nursery, a small specialty nursery growing choice rock garden, hardy native and unusual dryland plants from around the world. He is a leader in the current effort to promote Western Water Wise Landscaping in the City of Pueblo, where he has been instrumental in the designing, planting and maintenance of numerous Water Wise gardens.Vermilon Bluffs

April 19, 2012:
5 Things Every Western Gardener Should Know Before Planting Native Plants
Where did that plant come from and why does it matter?
Native plants that make great alternatives to standard garden species
Creating native plant communities in your garden

Kathy Settevendemie is the owner, operator Blackfoot Native Plant Nursery, a wholesale nursery selling Montana native plants since 2003. She is a board member of the Montana Native Plant Society and conducts workshops on landscaping with native plants throughout western Montana in addition to providing consultations to landowners. Madeline Mazurski will be joining her.

April 24, 2012
Designing Contemporary Gardens with Heirloom Plants
Why heirloom plants are perfect for the intermountain West
Who’s who in this gorgeous “scentimental” palette
Design tips for using these oldies but goodies

Mary Ann Newcomer, is known as the Dirt Diva on the River Radio, 94.9 in Boise, ID. An accomplished garden writer, horticulturist, and garden designer, she has wielded her creativity and design talents on public, private, and commercial gardens. She is the co-creator of, an online garden design software service.



Fall: Maintain; Keep Your Plants Happy and Your Western Garden Thriving

April 26, 2012:
Growing Vegetables in the Semi-arid West
What crops grow best in the West
How to support pollinators & other beneficial insects while decreasing pests
Building great soil by supporting the soil life

Jane Shellenberger is the editor and publisher of Colorado Gardener; A thinking gardener’s companion which has been in publication since 1996. Her first book is a new release destined to become a best seller titled, Organic Gardner’s Companion: Growing Vegetables in the West.

May 1, 2012:
What to do to Keep Your Western Garden Beautiful all Year
Minimal maintenance is required
When to prune and cut back
How to know what to deadhead, when, and why
Eva Rose Montane
Eva Rose Montane is a garden designer, coach, consultant, and writer and has settled in Colorado after living in New Mexico, Montana, and California. A lover of the West, gardens, and plants in general, she seeks to make it more enjoyable for gardeners to connect with each other and nature through their gardens.
Gardening is America’s favorite pass time. Live where the air is crisp and dry, the skies are deep blue, AND have a garden your neighbors will ooh and ahh about!
Reconnect with the joy of gardening, that desire to connect with the earth that may have brought you to gardening in the first place.
To the glory of the garden!

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