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Episodes 101 to 125                                                                                        Guest Stars

"The Virginian" 101 The Dream of Stavros Karas (1965)
Stavros Karas is a recent older widower with two children and a budding fig farm. He sends a request to the old country, Greece, to ask for a wife to be sent to help him. He is hoping for an older woman to take care of the home and his kids but ends with a young attractive Eleni Niarcos who attracts the attention of his neighbor's son. Stavros ask for water from his neighbor for his new fig plants but the issue erupts in controversy. The Shiloh folks try to help keep the peace and Stavros decide whether to marry Eleni.
Guest stars: Michael Constantine, Louise Sorel

"The Virginian" 102 The Laramie Road (1965)

Two vagabonds traveling through Medicine Bow appear to have murdered the wife of a local bartender. The residents are upset and afraid the two men may be released due to lack of proof. The two vagabonds kill the sheriff while trying to escape. Deputy Sherrif Ryker has to take over and is unable to control the mob threatening the jail. He decides to move the prisoners to Laramie but realizes he must face the residents of Medicine Bow if he is have their respect when he tries unsuccessfully to move the prisoners.
Guest stars: Leslie Nielson, Harold J Stone, Claude Akins

"The Virginian" 103 The Horse Fighter (1965)
Shiloh ranch is having problems breaking a group of mustangs resulting in injured wranglers. Sam Willock, a well known old time horse wrangler, shows up at the ranch looking to be hired to break the mustangs. The Virginian, who saw Sam work when he was much younger, hires him to break the horses except for a black stallion which has proved to be dangerous. Sam asks for a helper with no experience and selects Randy. They bond as they work with the horses and Sam eventually tries to break the black stallion which Randy succeeds with when the horse is too rough for Sam. Unknown to Randy and others Sam is working with two other men to steal the Shiloh payroll resulting in conflicts for Randy.
Guest stars: Harry Guardino, Kelly Thordsen

"The Virginian" 104 Letter of the Law (1965)
Judge Garth and others believe Curt Wesley was improperly tried and convicted for a robbery. No relief is available until another train robber confesses to the crime and location of some of the money as he dies. Curt is given parole instead of a pardon due to doubts about him and he returns to his wife at Medicine Bow. A security agent, Charles Sanders, and his assistant still believe Curt is guilty and has the rest of the money. Curt is framed for another robbery and it is up to Ryker to determine how and who framed him along with why. This results in a revelation for the hard-nosed Sanders.
Guest stars: Simon Oakland, James Best

"The Virginian" 105 Blaze of Glory (1965)
Bill King is a well respected retired lawman from Medicine Bow who is trying to make a living for him and his daughter farming and prospecting. He is about to lose his ranch to foreclosure when an outlaw appears wanting Bill to hide him out on his ranch for pay with gold from a freight robbery. Bill agrees as he needs the money and finds himself with a trio of robbers and their plan to steal another gold shipment. At the same time his daughter who has Trampas' eye, wants to travel back east. Bill has to decide what his next actions will be; preserve his name or go along with the planned crime.
Guest stars: Leif Erickson, Joan Freeman, Michael Sarrazin

"The Virginian" 106 Nobody Said Hello (1966)
Capt. Piper Pritican arrives in Medicine Bow after being released from prison for crimes he committed at Andersonville during the Civil War. He feels Judge Garth has profited from his notoriety as Pritican's defense counsel and preventing Pritican from being hanged. Pritican's wife and son who is a close friend of Jennifer live in Medicine Bow but everyone including Judge Garth wants them to leave but Laura Pritican is very ill. Since no one will hire them, Judge Garth hires the son to work on Shiloh while the father turns to drinking resulting in conflicts.
Guest stars: James Whitmore, Virginia Grey, John Mitchum

"The Virginian" 107 Men with Guns (1966)
Trampas and Randy are sent to retrieve Arabian horses from Colonel Bliss at New Hope. They find themselves in the middle of a feud between the eccentric Bliss and his son versus the pacifist settlers in the town of New Hope. Bliss wants the land back after the settlers have increased its worth via hard work and irrigation. Trampas falls for the daughter of the leader of the pacifist group and involves himself in the feud by urging the people to fight back. In the end the leader of each side pays a heavy cost.
Guest stars: Telly Savalas, Robert F Simon, Brenda Scott

"The Virginian" 108 Long Ride to Wind River (1966)
The Virginian's friend, Benjy, finds a man attacking his wife and threatens to kill him after taking a shot at him. The next day the man is found dead after Benjy left his place. He proclaims innocence but is convicted and sentenced to hang. The Virginian leaves to track down the mountain-man Benjy says was at the site. The Virginian tracks down the man he is after, Jonah, but Jonah refuses to return as he committed the murder in self-defense. He plans to kill The Virginian. The Virginian escapes with Jonah as his prisoner but on the way back to Medicine Bow they run into many roadblocks and problems forcing them to ultimately rely on each other.
Guest stars: John Cassavetes, Pilar Seurat, Michael Burns, Dub Taylor

"The Virginian" 109 Chaff in the Wind (1966)
Micah Ellis with his son and daughter were run out of Laramie for causing problems and left his uncle in jail on a minor charge. The group of vagabonds headed for Medicine Bow and on the way are befriended by Randy and Jennifer when their wagon breaks down. Jennifer asks The Virginian to hire the men and the daughter (who worked in saloons) helps Jennifer. The kids enjoy the honest work but are bored. Their father unknown to them plots with their uncle who found them at Shiloh after being released from jail to rustle cattle from Shiloh.
Guest stars: Ed Begley, Tony Bill, Linda Lawson

"The Virginian" 110 The Inchworm's Got No Wings at All (1966)

Niles Tait is working at Shiloh to help his family who hides his sister Marcy who is learning challenged. They worry what others will think and have hindered Marcy's learning and socialization. Jennifer learns about her and tries to help educate her taking the place of Niles who sees Marcy as a millstone around his neck and future. Marcy witnesses a murder but tells no one. The issue surfaces when she meets the murderer at her first attempt to attend a party with the help of Jennifer and The Virginian.
Guest stars: Lou Antonio, Stacey Gregory, Anthony,Caruso

This was the end of the period with Judge Garth & Betsy whom we all had come to love.

"The Virginian" 111 Morgan Starr (1966)
Because Judge Garth has been appointed Governor of the Wyoming Territory, he has asked his Civil War friend Morgan Starr to take over running Shiloh in his place. The ranch hands and residents of Medicine Bow believe that The Virginian should have received the job and are surprised he is staying at Shiloh. Starr has controversial new ideas on how to operate the ranch and a locust plague pits him against the neighbors and the proposed plan to save the pasture land and cattle.
Guest stars: John Dehner, George Mitchell, Buck Young

"The Virginian" 112 Harvest of Strangers (1966)
A group of men consisting of Canadian French and Cree Indians known at Metis arrive at Medicine Bow well armed. Although they intend no harm to Medicine Bow, the people react negatively to them. Complicating matters is a woman who desires attention who wrongly accuses their leader of assaulting her resulting in additional confrontations. Morgan Starr tries to counsel their acceptance especially after he learns one of them is an old friend.
Guest stars: John Anderson, Jan Shephard

"The Virginian" 113 Ride a Cock-Horse to Laramie Cross (1966)
Trampas, returning to Shiloh, comes across a young boy and his baby sister, on the run from their wealthy hidalgo grandfather in Mexico, determined to reach their mother in Laramie. Trampas becomes their de facto guardian, defender and babysitter, trying to evade the gunmen sent after the children and a war party of Oglala Sioux. Along the way, he meets a lady faro dealer who teams with Trampas and the children in their quest to reach Laramie.
Guest stars: Nina Talbot, Myron Healey, Ken Lynch, Rance Howard

"The Virginian" 114 One Spring Like Long Ago (1966)
Morgan Starr and Randy Benton ride a long way to the Dakotas to sell a herd of cattle for the consumption of an Indian tribe. Dealing with a crooked, heartless Indian agent, the two men become embroiled in the local tribe's problems. An encounter with Two Hawks and his son, Tonka, as well as a herd of buffalo - long since disappeared from the plains - is portentous for both men.
Guest stars: Warren Oats, Eduard Franz, Martine Bartlett

"The Virginian" 115 The Return of Golden Tom (1966)
Tom Brant returns to Medicine Bow after 30 years in prison as an old broken man. His exploits have been expanded into mythic portions over the years. He hopes to see his daughter who he has never met but her and others hope to take advantage of his legend and the money they believe he hid before going to prison. His reaction leads to surprises for all.
Guest stars: Victor Jory, Linden Chiles, Dee Pollack

"The Virginian" 116 The Wolves Up Front, the Jackals Behind (1966)

Randy heads to Montana to pick up a horse for a future horse ranch he and a friend there hope to start. While there his friend convinces him to stay over and he finds himself working on a horse ranch were he meets Dulcie. They fall in love with each other and Randy becomes embroiled in a problem with one of Dulcie's brothers who is a wanted outlaw
Guest stars: James farentino, Donnelly Rhodes, Michael J Pollard

"The Virginian" 117 That Saunders Woman (1966)
Della Saunders arrives in Medicine Bow to start a new career as a seamstress after twelve years in prison. Her friend from the past in Medicine Bow is John Ballinger, an attorney. Her past comes back to haunt her when a well respected local businessman recognizes her and uses her background to cover up suspect business dealings. Her and John Ballinger's past connections are revealed when she is accused of murder again.
Guest stars: Sheree North, Liam Sullivan, Stuart Anderson

"The Virginian" 118 No Drums, No Trumpets (1966)
Morgan Starr is involved in a cattle deal planned along with an agreement between Mexico and the United State to be signed in Mexico. He travels to Mexico in advance and becomes a captive of a group run by an old friend hired to assassinate the two men who are to sign the agreement. Starr works with the other captives to undermine the plot and salvage the agreement.
Guest stars: Leslie Nielsen, Julie Adams, Eric Braeden

"The Virginian" 119 A Bald-Faced Boy (1966)
Members of Randy's family arrives in Medicine Bow to protect him from James Claibourne who was recently recently released from prison for murdering a member of the Benton family. Randy was a key witness at his trial. Gloria Claibourne is with her father and a relationship between her and Randy quickly develops. The intentions of the others on both sides are less than honorable creating a tense situation for Randy and Gloria.
Guest stars: Andrew Prine, Royal Dano, Andrew Duggan

"The Virginian" 120 The Mark of a Man (1966)
Johnny Younce is a young man in Medicine Bow who feels the world has caved in on him resulting in a wild rampage against the town. The action is out of character for him and The Virginian takes an interest in him since he hurt him trying to control him after the rampage. Slowly everyone learns what is behind Johnny's problems; a dad who believes his daughter is too good for him.
Guest stars: Harold J Stone, Brooke Bundy, Barry Primus

This was the end of the period with Morgon Starr. Welcome to the new owners of Shiloh: 
John Grainger

"The Virginian" 121 Legacy of Hate (1966)

John Grainger and his grandchildren move to Shiloh after he purchases the ranch from Judge Garth. Besides developing a relationship with his new employees, Grainger is faced with a neighbor who blames him for the loss of her husband. Her and her ambitious foreman try to force him off the ranch.
Guest stars: Charles Bickford, Don Quine, Sara Laine,  Jo van Vleet

"The Virginian" 122 Ride to Delphi (1966)

Lemoine Carlson and a ranch hand deliver 50 head of cattle to Grainger for Lemoine's dad. When five head are found missing the next day, The Virginian feels responsible and leaves Shiloh to track them down. He finds them near Delphi but has to solve the mystery of who stole them. He runs into an old female friend with a checkered past who had saved his life. She unknowingly has ties to the rustlers and a murder The Virginian is accused of committing.
Guest stars: Angie Dickinson, Harold J Stone, Warren Oats

"The Virginian" 123 The Captive (1966)

A trio of Indians are caught stealing Shiloh cattle. They are a husband and wife with an adopted girl who is really a white girl. The girl is not returned to the reservation and they attempt to find her original parents. In the mean time the girl is reluctantly learning life in the white world and is enticed to return to her Indian life and friends.
Guest stars: Susan Strasburg, Virginia Vincent, Don Hanmer

 "The Virginian" 124 An Echo of Thunder (1966)
After a trip to deliver horses to Colorado, Trampas decides to stay and visit an old friend living nearby. Trampas arrives at his friend's home in time for the funeral of his friend who was shot. While paying respects to his friend's sister and her husband, the sheriff, Trampas senses that there are questions to be answered even though his judgment and others indicate he should go home.
Guest stars: Linden Chiles, John Anderson, Brendon Boone

"The Virginian" 125 Jacob Was a Plain Man (1966)
Jake who can neither speak or hear runs away after accidentally killing a man in a saloon. He lands at Shiloh ranch where his extreme strength allows him to become a valued hand in spite of his handicaps. Stace, who learns Jake cannot read or write as well, decides to help him develop the ability to communicate via reading and writing. When Jake stumbles into other problems on the ranch, Stace is forced to help.
Guest stars: Aldo Rey Robert Pine, Peter Duryea


Plot summary for all 249 episodes of


James Drury as The Virginian - All 9 seasons 249 episodes. Shiloh Foreman

Doug McClure as Trampas. All 9 seasons.  Top Shiloh Ranch Hand

Clu Gulager as Emmett Ryker Deputy Sheriff Seasons 3 & 4. Last half of 5 & 6.

Lee J Cobb as Judge Garth 1st owner of Shiloh. Seasons 1 - 4

Gary Clarke as Steve Hill. Shiloh Ranch hand. Seasons 1 - 2

Roberta Shore as Betsy Garth. Seasons 1-3

Randy Boone as Randy Benton Shiloh Ranch hand Seasons 2-4

Diane Roter as Jennifer Sommers Season 4

John Dehner as Morgon Starr. Temporary boss of Shiloh. Between Judge garth and John Granger. Season 4

L.Q. Jones as Beldon. Seasons 2 - 6

Sara Lane as Elizabeth Grainger, Seasons 5 - 8

Ross Elliott as Sheriff Mark Abbott Seasons 1 -2 & 5 -8

Charles Bickford as John Grainger 2nd Shiloh Owner. Seasons 5 and early 6. He was replaced by John McIntire on his death. in 1967.

John McIntire as Clay Grainger. 3rd Shiloh owner. Seasons 6 - 8

Don Quine as Stacy Grainger Seasons 5 -6

Stewart Granger as Col. Alan Carrie McKenzie . 4 Shiloh owner. Season 9

Tim Matheson as Jim Horn Season 8



The Virginian


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