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Episodes 126 to 150                                                                                       Guest Stars

"The Virginian" 126   The Challenge (1966)
Trampas stumbles into the yard of the Crayton family with a head injury and collapses. The daughter, Sarah, takes an interest in Trampas and helps with his recovery but Trampas has amnesia and is suspected to have robbed the stage where he was actually a passenger and hurt. His situation is complicated by a crooked deputy who wants to pin the stage robbery and murders on Trampas.
Guest stars: Dan Duryea, Don Galloway, Barbara Anderson, Michael Burns

"The Virginian"  127 The Outcast (1966)
Charlie Ryan finds himself helping Stace in a fight in Medicine Bow and wins the gratitude of Stace and his sister Elizabeth. Charlie and Elizabeth become good friends causing Stace to worry as he has concerns about Charlie. When they learn Charlie is wanted, Elizabeth provides support and enlists her grandfather's help due to her belief Charlie has to be innocent. In the meantime Stace continues to search for the truth.
Guest stars: Fabian, Milton Selzer, George Wallace.

"The Virginian"  128 Trail to Ashley Mountain (1966)
The sheriff suspects Ed Wells, a close friend of Trampas, of a robbery and murder as the evidence points to him. After a witness who can give him an alibi dies, Ed and his wife admit that it was her brother Willy who was probably involved but Willy skips town. Trampas decides to help track down Willy but comes to realize other problems are making his task very dangerous
Guest stars: George Kennedy, Gene Evans, Hugh Marlowe

"The Virginian" 129 Dead-Eye Dick (1966)

Marjorie Hammond arrives in Medicine Bow as a teenage girl smitten with dime novels about the west and meets a man like the hero, Dead Eye Dick, in The Virginian. Detecting her interests The Virginian tries to aim them toward Bob Foley who is her age and likes her but as an aspiring attorney, he doesn't measure up to The Viriginan in her eyes. The Virginian tries to enlist the help of everyone to re-target Margorie's interests with limited and comical results.
Guest stars: Alice Rawlings, David macklin, William Schallert

"The Virginian" 130 High Stakes (1966)

While helping his friend Wesley Hedges sell his horses, The Virginian's friend falls for a beautiful faro dealer, Alma Wilson. Alma is the ex-wife of an escaped outlaw whose brother has come for Alma and kills Wesley for the money from the sale of his horses. The Virginian rides with the posse to find the killer and when they are forced to turn back he continues the hunt on his own into the outlaw's hangout.
Guest stars: Jack Lord,  Michael Ansara,  Terry Moore

"The Virginian" 131 Beloved Outlaw (1966)

Elizabeth falls for a wild white stallion and convinces her grandfather to buy the horse for her. When Trampas is unable to quickly break the horse, her grandfather tells everyone to stay away from the horse and she promises not to try to ride him. Elizabeth stretches the promise and begins to tame the horse who comes to trust only her. Although the horse and her become close, Elizabeth eventually runs into complications from the problem with the horse her grandfather fears.
Guest stars: John Bryant, James McCallion, Bing Russell

"The Virginian" 132 Linda (1966)
The Virginian is remitting the proceeds from a horse sale back to Shiloh at an express office in Texas when the office is robbed. Having a receipt for his money, he is allowed to leave. During the return trip he meets Linda Valence on the stage coach and they develop a close relationship. Linda reveals she has become involved in something that scares her and asks The Virginian for advice. He finds himself involved in a deadly mystery clouded by her changing story.
Guest stars: Diane Baker, Frank McGrath, Clifton James

"The Virginian" 133 The Long Way Home (1966)
Jim Boyer Sr. decides to return to his wife and son Jim Jr. after deserting them and having no success in his endeavors. Jim is an extremely capable man but impatient to succeed and feels luck goes against him. He sees The Virginian as a rival for the position he wants as well as his wife and son. His lack of attention to detail creates problems as his family warms up to him.
Guest stars: Pernell Roberts, Michael Burns, Noah Beery Jr. Don Shroud

"The Virginian" 134 Girl on the Glass Mountain (1966)
Howie Sheppard is a natural cowhand working at Shiloh. He has fallen for the spoiled daughter, Donna Maguire, of a successful Medicine Bow store owner. They decide to marry and Howie opens a saddle and tack shop. However, Howie feels the urge to return to the open life of a cowhand while working in his shop. A decision to enter a poker game creates complications for him and his new wife.
Guest stars: Tom Tryon, Pamela Austin, Hugh Beaumont

"The Virginian" 135 Vengeance Trail (1967)
While gathering supplies for a cattle drive to Shiloh, Stacey is held up and in the ensuing gunfight kills the robber. He returns the body to the family where the sister is understanding but warns Stacey to leave as their younger brother, Toby, will want revenge. Toby leaves to track down Stacey and joins the Shiloh cattle drive to look for his brother's killer. He and Stacey develop a friendship until events bring the truth out.
Guest stars: Ron Russell, Mary Ann Mobley, Ben Hammer

"The Virginian" 136 Sue Ann (1967)
Sue Ann MacRae has lived as a poor farmer's daughter all of her life and wants to experience the other things life has to offer. She leaves home and lands in Medicine Bow where her father and hopeful boyfriend Joe find her. She finds herself working as a saloon girl and Joe stays to keep an eye on her and hopefully win her love. However, the saloon job creates problems for Joe.
Guest stars: Patty Duke, Edward Binns, Paul Carr

"The Virginian" 137 Yesterday's Timepiece (1967)

Stacey buys a used watch from a peddler that brings back memories of his dad and his parents death at the hand of Indians. He believes the watch to be his dad's so he goes on the hunt to track the previous owners of the watch. This leads him to Elaine who remembers the watch as hers and the only memento of her dad who left her when she was four. Together they track down the true history about each of them.
Guest stars: Andy Devine, Stuart Erwin, Pat O Brien

"The Virginian" 138 Requiem for a Country Doctor (1967)
The Virginian arrives in a town to meet Stacey to complete a cattle deal. He finds Stacey in jail convicted of murder and scheduled to hang the next morning. Stacey is believed to have killed the popular doctor of the town after he lost money in a poker game. The Virginian uses his detective skills to uncover the truth and skeletons of the town to prove Stacey is innocent.
Guest stars: Debbie Watson, Cloris Leachman, John Doucette

"The Virginian" 139 The Modoc Kid (1967)
A group of men hold up the bank in Mediine Bow resulting in the capture of one man and one wounded in the group of three that escaped. The three men found themselves at Shiloh were they forced the Graingers to get a doctor and take of the wounded member. This resulted in a matching of wits between John Grainger and The Murdoc Kid while the law searched for the bandits.
Guest stars: Harrison Ford, John Saxon, Paul Fix

"The Virginian" 140 The Gauntlet (1967)
The Virginian is shot by a rustler while in Texas and is rescued by a rancher and his wife. The couple is having marital problems which The Virginian falls into while healing. The rancher wants The Virginian to stay on as his Foreman until he thinks The Virginian has kidnapped his son. To resolve the problems The Virginian challenges the rancher to ride against him in a grueling gauntlet race planned between two ranches.
Guest stars: Peter Mark Richman, Marion McCargo

"The Virginian" 141 Without Mercy (1967)
Stacey has developed a close relationship with neighbor Kathy Young but her father believes the Grainger family to be in the wrong social class for her. When Elizabeth finds Kathy's father shot in the back and his money stolen, it appears Stacey may have done it as the evidence piles up against him.
Guest stars: James Gregory, Lonny Chapman

"The Virginian" 142 Melanie (1967)
Grainger's old friend, Jim Kohler, and his daughter, Melanie, come to Shiloh to visit from Chicago.Upon their arrival at Medicine Bow Melanie meets Trampas and events lead to a serious relationship between them resulting in Trampas asking Melanie to marry him. However, unknown to Trampas Melanie has a dark secret which complicates the relationship.
Guest stars: Victor Jory, Susan Clark

"The Virginian" 143 Doctor Pat (1967)

The Virginian meets the new doctor brought to Medicine Bow by Dr. Spaulding to help with his practice when she arrives at the station. However, unknown to Dr. Spaulding Dr. Pat O'Neill is really Dr. Patricia O'Neill and she encounters resistance from the community being a woman especially after a young man fakes a continuing injury. The Virginian tries to support her while also falling for her charms.
Guest stars: Jill Donohue, Mari Blanchard, Don Red Berry

"The Virginian" 144 Nightmare at Fort Killman (1967)
Stacey is shanghaied in Medicine Bow to take the place of a cavalry recruit. An inept officer allows two sergeants to keep up the facade that Stacey is a recruit while putting him through inhumane conditions to keep him quiet. When one of the sergeants is murdered, Stacey is framed for it
Guest stars: James Daly,  Les Crane, Don Mitchel

"The Virginian" 145 Bitter Harvest (1967)

The Virginian is sent to purchase oats for Shiloh from a farmer who happens to be in the middle of a fight between ranchers and homesteaders. After making the deal to purchase the oats, The Virginian finds himself caught in the feud. An over zealous foreman tries to pressure The Virginian to back out of the deal by roughing him up. Further complicating the problem are issues between members of the farmer'f family.
Guest stars: Larry Pennell, Whitney Blake, John Lupton

"The Virginian" 146 A Welcoming Town (1967)
Trampas goes to visit a mother and son he stayed with as a child and finds the son shot to death for attacking a girl and the mother evicted from their farm and gold mine. Trampas does not believe the story fits the friend he knew and as he asks questions the attacks against him push him to uncover the truth.
Guest stars: Robert Fuller, Frank Overton, Carole Wells, Lynda Day George

"The Virginian" 147 The Girl on the Pinto (1967)
Trampas has noticed a young lady riding a pinto horse and she catches his eye. He learns she is a member of a new family on a neighboring ranch. He tries to win her interest but finds her reluctant. He learns that her adoptive parents have raised her with biased feelings about her history that affected her socialization. Other factors in Medicine Bow force these issues to be confronted.
Guest stars: Valora Noland, R.G.Armstrong

"The Virginian" 148 Lady of the House (1967)

John Grainger requests Mrs. Miles, an old childhood friend, to live with the family and teach the grandkids the proper manners and skills he feels they need. Her husband was killed during the Civil War and their Maryland home was burned by union troops. The family and The Virginian come to realize she has an old style attitude on their positions and other goals which push the family in the opposite direction expected by John Grainger.
Guest stars: Myrna Loy

"The Virginian" 149 The Strange Quest of Claire Bingham (1967)

Claire Bingham arrives in Medicine Bow looking for a brother she was separated from when both were very young. She believes Chuck Larson who is in jail for a stagecoach holdup and murder may be her brother. Sheriff Emmett Ryker takes a strong interest in Claire but does not believe Larson can be her brother. After being shot during an escape from jail, Larson's partners persuade Claire who is a nurse to help him telling her he is her brother.
Guest stars: Andrew Prine, Sandra Smith

"The Virginian" 150 The Reckoning (1967)
While on a cattle buying trip in Texas near Mexico, The Virginian, John Grainger, and his granddaughter Elizabeth encounter a group of men who hold The Virginian responsible for the death of the leader's younger brother years ago in bank robbery. They kidnap Elizabeth to force The Virginian to go with them to Mexico. Elizabeth is the only help for the leader's wife during childbirth giving Elizabeth and The Virginian more time.
Guest stars: Charles Bronson, Miriam Colon, Dick Foran, Charles Grodin


Plot summary for all 249 episodes of


James Drury as The Virginian - All 9 seasons 249 episodes. Shiloh Foreman

Doug McClure as Trampas. All 9 seasons.  Top Shiloh Ranch Hand

Clu Gulager as Emmett Ryker Deputy Sheriff Seasons 3 & 4. Last half of 5 & 6.

Lee J Cobb as Judge Garth 1st owner of Shiloh. Seasons 1 - 4

Gary Clarke as Steve Hill. Shiloh Ranch hand. Seasons 1 - 2

Roberta Shore as Betsy Garth. Seasons 1-3

Randy Boone as Randy Benton Shiloh Ranch hand Seasons 2-4

Diane Roter as Jennifer Sommers Season 4

John Dehner as Morgon Starr. Temporary boss of Shiloh. Between Judge garth and John Granger. Season 4

L.Q. Jones as Beldon. Seasons 2 - 6

Sara Lane as Elizabeth Grainger, Seasons 5 - 8

Ross Elliott as Sheriff Mark Abbott Seasons 1 -2 & 5 -8

Charles Bickford as John Grainger 2nd Shiloh Owner. Seasons 5 and early 6. He was replaced by John McIntire on his death. in 1967.

John McIntire as Clay Grainger. 3rd Shiloh owner. Seasons 6 - 8

Don Quine as Stacy Grainger Seasons 5 -6

Stewart Granger as Col. Alan Carrie McKenzie . 4 Shiloh owner. Season 9

Tim Matheson as Jim Horn Season 8



The Virginian


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