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Episodes 151 to 175                                                                                         Guest Stars

"The Virginian" 151 The Deadly Past (1967)
Trampas receives a series of letters listing the names of several people unknown to him plus his own name that are being killed in succession. He leaves to find out what is happening and meets the remaining people on the list as they all try to determine what is happening and why. No one remembers any events that tie them together until they start putting all the facts together while personal issues among the group add to the intensity.
Guest stars: Darren McGavin, Linden Chiles, Robert Strauss

"The Virginian" 152 The Lady from Wichita (1967)
Lorna Marie Marshall receives a notice that she has inherited money and a ranch next to Shiloh. Her and her friend Belle Stephens sell their saloon in Wichita and leave for Medicine Bow where Lorna decides to try the life of a lady rancher. When her foreman quits, she asks Trampas to take over until she can find a replacement. The two ladies come to enjoy their new life until Roy Kane a petty criminal arrives threatening their new lives by telling who they are.
Guest stars: Joan Collins, Rose Marie, Ann Doran

"The Virginian" 153 Star Crossed (1967)
Deputy Ryker recognizes a close friend, Cliff Darrow, who has moved to Medicine Bow under the name Andrew Hiller with a wife and step-son. Ryker knows Darrow has a minor criminal history but agrees to keep it quiet as Darrow has changed his life. However, a Shiloh ranch hand, Tony Barnes, recognizes Darrow and blackmails him. When Barnes is found dead, Ryker learns that Darrow is already a convicted murderer who is still wanted and he has skipped town. Ryker brings Darrow back to Medicine Bow where he is sentenced to hang.
Guest stars: Tom Tryon, Lisabeth Hush, Kiel Martin

"The Virginian" 154 Johnny Moon (1967)
The Virginian finds Cpl. Johnny Moon critically shot and brings him back to Shiloh where he stays while recovering. Stacey, Elizabeth, and The Virginian find him to be interesting to them in spite of some strange ideals and hope he stays at Shiloh. However, he is still determined to continue to track down the men he was after who shot him. As he leaves they learn he is a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and wanted for desertion.
Guest stars: Tom Bell, Ben Johnston, Michael Higgins

"The Virginian" 155 The Masquerade (1967)
George Foster a bank clerk receives a letter indicating his father will be stopping by for a two hour visit while on a train trip. George's father was a renown sheriff in Iowa and George has lead him to believe George is Sheriff of Medicine Bow. Deputy Ryker decides the town can put on a masquerade for two hours that George is sheriff. However, when the train is delayed in Medicine Bow for 2-3 days due to a derailment, Ryker's plan requires significant enhancement.
Guest stars: Lloyd Nolan,David Hartman, Diana Muldaur

"The Virginian"  156 Ah Sing vs. Wyoming (1967)

The Shiloh cook, Ah Sing, has decided to open a restaurant in Medicine Bow to support the mail order bride he wants. When he applies for a license for the restaurant with the Justice of Peace, Milo Temple, it is denied because he is Chinese. After being jailed for attempting to open the restaurant without a license, he is represented by a local attorney who has become an alcoholic. The case stretches the attorney's abilities to the breaking point.
Guest stars: Edmond O Brien, Lloyd Bochner

"The Virginian" 157 Bitter Autumn (1967)
The Jackson brothers have driven a herd of cattle to Shiloh that Clay Grainger hopes to purchase. However, Trampas believes the cattle may be infected with Blackleg fever. The two younger Jackson brothers go to Medicine Bow to celebrate and while drunk they have a contest where the younger brother Willy kills the wife of a retired but renown Texas marshal when a ricochet kills her. With the problems mounting the brothers become desperate.
Guest stars: John Anderson, Steve Carlson, Virginia Gregg

"The Virginian" 158 A Bad Place to Die (1967)
Trampas is convicted of murder and sentenced to hang when he is found over the dead body of a man he had been seen arguing with about right of way for Shiloh cattle. The Graingers and The Virginian have six days to prove him innocent before his date with the hangman. A dearth of witnesses and potential motives related to the wife of the slain man become more complicated when Trampas escapes prison with others and they take a guard hostage.
Guest stars: Victor Jory, Suzanne Benton, Harrison Ford

"The Virginian"  159 Paid in Full (1967)
Ezra Hollis's son Frank is released from prison and returns home to find his dad was injured saving Trampas and is forced to take a stable job at Shiloh. Frank has a chip on his shoulder due to people's attitude about him and that Grainger has not done more for his father. When a couple of Shiloh hands approach him about coming in on a cattle rustling operation they have planned, he decides to join them as he thinks Grainger is double crossing his father about some promised property.
Guest stars: James Whitmore, Don Shroud

"The Virginian" 160 To Bear Witness (1967)
While in town on Shiloh business, Trampas breaks up two fights involving Walter Verig. When Verig turns up dead and Trampas has a cut hand, he is jailed for the murder. When evidence shows Trampas to be innocent, it is Trampas's own testimony which implicates Doc Baldwin. However, everyone wants Doc released but Trampas stands by his story while trying to prove Doc innocent.
Guest stars: William Windon, Joanna Moore

"The Virginian" 161 The Barren Ground (1967)
The Virginian returns the body of one of Asa Keogh's sons to him after The Virginain shot and killed him during an attempted theft of his horse. Asa is dying and asks The Virginian to see if his daughter who was stolen by Indians when she was ten will return home. Asa wants to giver her his farm as his only other child is an outlaw. The daughter, Sarah, agrees to return with her son as her Indian husband is dead. Complicating the situation for The Virginian a couple of men in town want the property due to silver ore on it. Asa has died splitting the property between Sarah and The Virginian.
Guest stars: Collen Wilcox Paxton, Jay C Flippen

"The Virginian"  162 Execution at Triste (1967)
Trampas and two cowhands drive a herd of cattle to a remote army fort. Trampas must go to Triste, which is almost a ghost town, to receive the money for the herd. He encounters an old companion, Lee Knight, who is a gun fighter tired of life. He tries challenge Trampas to a gun fight which Trampas tries to avoid. Although Trampas tells the two cowhands to stay away from Triste, they go anyway to celebrate. It results in their use as bait by Knight to goad Trampas into a gun fight.
Guest stars: Robert Lansing, Sharon Farrell, Burt Douglas

"The Virginian"  163 A Small Taste of Justice (1967)
The Virginian is traveling alone when Tom Conlan and his ranch hands meet him and steal The Virginian's horse and gun after he refuses to drink with them. He makes it to a nearby town where he encounters a married woman he knew when she was single. When he tires to retrieve his possessions, he has no support and events lead to a potentially fatal accident involving the woman's daughter. The citizens ask The Virginian to help return law and order but his support comes from a surprising source.
Guest stars: Peter Brown, Susan Oliver, John Lupton

"The Virginian" 164 The Fortress (1967)
The Viginian takes a herd of cattle to Montana near the Canadian border for the ranchers in Medicine Bow. He receives the $100,000 for the herd but the bank is robbed where he left the funds. He tracks the robbers into Canada where he learns the real thief is the buyer of the cattle who controls the area and people around him in his own empire. The Virginian devises a sting to recover the funds but not without consequences for others.
Guest stars: Leslie Nielsen, Barbara Bouchet

"The Virginian" 165 The Death Wagon (1968)
A trio of soldiers are transporting a prisoner across Shiloh property when they learn after a run in with Trampas it appears the prisoner has scarlet fever. Elizabeth and Holly Grainger find the prisoner stranded and inadvertently help him escape. The Graingers are concerned with contracting scarlet fever while Trampas helps two of the soldiers who have their own internal feud recapture the prisoner. However, Trampas is plagued with flashbacks of his own history with scarlet fever.
Guest stars: Albert Salmi, Michael Constantine, Tim McIntire

"The Virginian" 166 Jed (1968)
An old friend of Trampas, Jed Matthews, is hired for his gun to come to Medicine Bow by rancher Tom Tallman to fight homesteaders blocking a pass used by the ranchers to take their cattle to market. Tallman has Jed go to work at Shiloh to spy on their plans as the ranchers have differing views on how to handle the problem. Trampas introduces Jed to the sister of a homesteader who falls for Jed forcing him to choose sides in the dispute.
Guest stars: Steve Ihnat, Brenda Scott, Sammy Jackson

"The Virginian" 167 With Help from Ulysses (1968)
While on a trip Trampas runs into a dog, Ulysses, who leads him to the ailing Joe Keller. Joe asks Trampas to locate his lost niece who is in the town where Trampas is to visit a girl he along with her family. However, Joe does not remember the name or a description of his niece other than the strawberry mark she has on one knee. Complications due to this task severely interrupt Trampas's attempts to see his friend especially when he is caught inspecting multiple knees in his hotel room by her and her family.
Guest stars: Barbara Rhodes, Jill Donohue, Eileen Wesson

"The Virginian" 168 The Gentle Tamers (1968)
Warden Keane asks Clay Grainger to take three convicts as employees while on parole. He is trying to persuade the prison board that parole might rehabilitate some convicts with greater success. Unknown to Grainger a marshal has been assigned to work undercover at Shiloh to report on problems. When he exposes the men as convicts, it complicates the work environment and the three men have differing views on their future plans.
Guest stars: Anthony D Call, Darwin Joston

"The Virginian" 169 The Good-Hearted Badman (1968)
Elizabeth finds the outlaw Jim Dewey shot and about to die from blood loss. Her and Clay bring him back to Shiloh where everyone is gone except them and Holly due to a cattle drive. While they nurse Dewey back to health, the bounty hunter Ben Hicks arrives revealing the outlaw's identity and wanting to take him in preferably dead but they stop him. Elizabeth is persuaded by Jim he really has a good side and she torn on whether to help him as members of his gang arrive at Shiloh and Hicks hires help.
Guest stars: Pete Duel, John Larch

"The Virginian" 170 The Hell Wind (1968)
Trampas, Stacey, and Elizabeth are transporting a bull back to Shiloh when they encounter a massive sand storm. They find a deserted homestead to take shelter in while waiting out the storm. While there others start showing up beginning with the Van Owens who are on vacation. Trampas recognizes her as as a crooked dealer from years back with a different name and her husband is the president of the local bank. When the bull knocks a hole in the wall, Trampas and Stacey discover $10,000 in gold coins and wonder who to trust.
Guest stars:  Pat Crowley, Ford Rainey, Woodrow Parfrey

"The Virginian"  171 The Crooked Path (1968)
Kiley Cheever's father, the sheriff, is fed up with his son's bratty behavior. After publicly humiliating him, Kiley decides to leave Texas and find his old friend Trampas and ask for a job at Shiloh. His personality trait of embellishing his abilities creates tension with the hands at Shiloh. Melissa, niece of the Graingers, visiting Shiloh takes a shine to Kiley while still seeing his flaws and letting him know it. An old hand, Charlie, who knows Kiley's dad takes a shine to Kiley but loses his job when Kiley lets him take the blame for starting a fire in the stable while drunk which was really started by Kiley.
Guest stars:  Tom Skerritt, Kevin Coughlin

"The Virginian"  172 Stacey (1968)
Stacey is in a buggy accident with Janie Buell resulting in a broken arm. The broken bones heal but the arm and hand are numb with no feeling or control. Dr. Spaulding calls in a specialist who decides an operation is needed with no guarantee of success. Jamie with encouragement from her mother has developed a serious relationship with Stacey. Mrs. Buell has raised Jamie in an affection-less environment resulting in Jamie unable to handle the potential that Stacey may lose the use of him arm permanently and Stacey losing all hope. Clay calls on The Virginian to help Stacey.
Guest stars: Barbara Werle, Robert H Harris

"The Virginian" 173 The Handy Man (1968)
Ward Bowden is pressing his father to fight for total ownership of a strip of land between their ranch and Shiloh that has been shared. When their attorney tells them their case is weak, Ward initiates activities to sway public opinion in their favor. A drifter, Jim, comes to the aid of Trampas when Ward leaves him knocked out on a runaway wagon. One of the Bowden hands recognizes him as a known gunfighter from Virginia City leading the Bowdens to believe Shiloh has upped the ante in the conflict. As the Shiloh handyman, Jim continues to come to the aid of Trampas.
Guest stars: Tom Simcox, Mel Torme, William Bramley

"The Virginian" 174 The Decision (1968)
Sheriff Dan Porter leaves his job as sheriff of Mason City to follow his wife to Medicine Bow as she is terrified of him being killed on the job. He signs on as a ranch hand at Shiloh to learn ranching but Trampas has a grudge against him for putting Trampas in jail. He hopes to buy and start his own ranch once he has learned the basics. When a Shiloh cattle drive has to divert to Mason City, he finds the young man he left in charge is not up to the challenge of the job.
Guest stars: Kenneth Tobey, Monica Lewis, Ben Murphy

"The Virginian" 175 Seth (1968)
While hunting a cougar, Trampas encounters a lost and sick teenager who calls himself Seth. Trampas tends to him and adopts him as an assistant on the rest of the hunt. Although Seth stays with Trampas, he occasionally takes side trips unknown to Trampas. Seth continues to work at Shiloh until the sheriff tracks down his family. Although reluctant to go with his uncle, Seth does. The sheriff learns that the uncle is an outlaw resulting in him and Trampas tracking down Seth and his uncle and learning the truth.
Guest stars: Michael Burns, Kevin Hagen

Plot summary for all 249 episodes of


James Drury as The Virginian - All 9 seasons 249 episodes. Shiloh Foreman

Doug McClure as Trampas. All 9 seasons.  Top Shiloh Ranch Hand

Clu Gulager as Emmett Ryker Deputy Sheriff Seasons 3 & 4. Last half of 5 & 6.

Lee J Cobb as Judge Garth 1st owner of Shiloh. Seasons 1 - 4

Gary Clarke as Steve Hill. Shiloh Ranch hand. Seasons 1 - 2

Roberta Shore as Betsy Garth. Seasons 1-3

Randy Boone as Randy Benton Shiloh Ranch hand Seasons 2-4

Diane Roter as Jennifer Sommers Season 4

John Dehner as Morgon Starr. Temporary boss of Shiloh. Between Judge garth and John Granger. Season 4

L.Q. Jones as Beldon. Seasons 2 - 6

Sara Lane as Elizabeth Grainger, Seasons 5 - 8

Ross Elliott as Sheriff Mark Abbott Seasons 1 -2 & 5 -8

Charles Bickford as John Grainger 2nd Shiloh Owner. Seasons 5 and early 6. He was replaced by John McIntire on his death. in 1967.

John McIntire as Clay Grainger. 3rd Shiloh owner. Seasons 6 - 8

Don Quine as Stacy Grainger Seasons 5 -6

Stewart Granger as Col. Alan Carrie McKenzie . 4 Shiloh owner. Season 9

Tim Matheson as Jim Horn Season 8



The Virginian


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