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Episodes 51 to 75                                                                                            Guest Stars

"The Virginian" 51 A Matter of Destiny (1964)
A wandering friend of Trampas Pat Wade arrives in Medicine Bow and hires on at Shiloh at the same time Trampas is getting serious about marrying Janet Lawrence. A young, wealthy and handsome businessman in meat processing, Robert Gaynor, arrives from back east to learn about the operation of his new ranch near Medicine Bow. When he meets Janet at a Shiloh dance and proves to be a great dancer, Janet is impressed but Trampas is very unhappy. Gaynor asks to help at roundup opening the door to Trampas trying to make a fool of Gaynor but he takes it in stride and handles himself well. Gaynor has pressed people back east hard and does so in Wyoming when he locks up all the rail cars for shipping cattle forcing the other ranchers to take deep cuts in the prices for their cattle. With everyone so mad at him it, tempers are hot and a known gunfighter is killed in a nearby town apparently on his way to kill Gaynor. Wheen roundup is over, Gaynor decides to return east and asks Janet to marry him leaving Trampas further disappointed. Wade tells Trampas he may still have a future with Janet.
Guest stars : Peter Graves, Richard Jaeckel, Jean Hale

"The Virginian" 52 Smile of a Dragon (1964)

Trampas is knocked out during a stagecoach robbery where everyone else is killed and a dead robber is ultimately mistaken for him. He awakes and stumbles into the home of the sheriff who takes him into custody. On the way to jail Trampas believes his life is in danger and escapes. With the help of a young Chinese girl Kim Ho he is able to out smart the posse. When Shiloh receives word of his death, Steve leaves to see to the handling of Trampas's affairs. He joins the posse hunting for the escaped outlaw but who in reality is Trampas. Trampas learns the location of the two surviving thieves from the injured uncle of Kim. The posse catches up to Trampas as he closes in on the two stagecoach thieves near a remote town where the sheriff is determined to take Trampas in - dead.
Guest stars: Miyoshi Umeki, Richard Carlson, Frank Overton

"The Virginian" 53 The Intruders (1964)

Eddie Tighe who Betsy met in Chicago makes what turns out to be a surprise visit to Shiloh to see Betsy. The Judge never opened his telegram leading to an awkward arrival. Eddie arrives as the Judge is clearing everyone off the ranch for a secret meeting between the Army and Chief Black Feather of the Sioux. Mark Troxel invades the ranch house with three outlaws taking everyone hostage. Troxel is a gun runner to the Indians and wants to kill Chief Black Feather. Eddie has a chance to stop the men but is afraid to shoot at them foiling the attempt. One of the men says Judge Garth hung his brother for a crime he didn't commit. The Judge uses the issue to throw suspicion on Troxel creating an internal fight among the outlaws. This provides Eddie and Randy an opening to recover two guns and Eddie to redeem a boring and accident filled visit with Betsy.
Guest stars: Darren McGavin, Hugh Marlowe, David Carradine

"The Virginian" 54 Another's Footsteps (1964)

Dan Grant, a close and young friend of The Virginian, goes into the bank with The Virginian and is killed by outlaws when he refuses to give up his new pistol as asked. The outlaws leave behind a set of horses where they had remounts waiting. The Virginian and sheriff determine one of the horses came from a ranch in Montana by its brand. The Virginian decides to go alone to track the outlaws. He finds the ranch and via various clues finds two of the outlaws. Evidence points him toward the home of the third man who was the shooter. The Virginian finds a run-down ranch with a sick wife and young boy. He nurses the woman back to health and helps them fix-up the ranch while he awaits the return of her husband who had used an alias. he develops a close bond with the son and he and the wife develop a mutual attraction to each other. The husband arrives as The Virginian is preparing to leave and they recognize each other leading to sad result for all involved.
Guest stars: Sheree North, John Ager, Paul Petersen

"The Virginian" 55 Rope of Lies (1964)
The lovely Alma Lowell recently arrived in Medicine Bow and bought the Lazy K ranch for cash from a man who ran the ranch himself. She finds she needs a foreman to control the ranch hands. She meets Steve and over tea asks him if he would be her foreman. He turns down the job initially but after ribbing from The Virginian and Shiloh hands, he decides to take it. At the Lazy K he notices an empty modified gun which he mentions to Alma who says the previous owner left it for her. Jess Carver on the hunt for Alma finds her in Medicine Bow. Alma tells Steve he is stalking her. Jess wants $50,000 dollars from Alma but she invested it in the ranch. She says Steve has control of the deed to the ranch. She invites Jess to the ranch at night where she sets him up to be shot by a naive Steve. When Steve confronts her about a switch of guns, she decides to frame Steve for the murder.
Guest stars: Diana Millay, Peter Breck, William Smith

"The Virginian" 56 The Secret of Brynmar Hall (1964)

Betsy is driven to Brynmar Hall by Randy after receiving an invitation from the mother of her friend Matilda who was killed in a fire there two years ago. When she arrives, she finds that three other friends have been invited as well and all were present when Matilda was killed. A serious storm including tornadoes forces Randy to stay as well. After dinner with Mrs. Bynmar, she gives each of the four guests presents that are burnt items owned by Matilda. The relationships among the four are strained and during the evening Mrs. Bynmar questions each person about their relationship with Matilda. This along with other strange events including Randy being knocked out and a snake in Betsy's bed put everyone on edge as the truth finally unfolds.
Guest stars: Jane Wyatt, Brooke Bundy, Tom Skerritt

"The Virginian" 57 The Long Quest (1964)
Private detective Corbett brings actress Judith Holly to Medicine Bow to claim the child she gave up years before. Cricket Martin has been raised by Mary Ann Martin as her own child. The Virginian often helps her at her farm and Cricket enjoys his company. When The Virginian learns of the issue, he tries to help but learns that Corbett and Miss Holly have a solid case. However, the actions of Corbett and Holly make them no friends in Medicine Bow or with Cricket. The case goes to court where everyone learns the truth behind the case and the unexpected situation leads to improved relationships.
Guest stars: Ruta Lee, Joseph Campanella, J.Pat O Malley, Whit Bissell

"The Virginian" 58 A Bride for Lars (1964)
When Lars Holstrom injures his back, he asks Trampas to go to Laramie to pick up his bride to be and give her father $1,000 which is a loan. Trampas makes the trip to Laramie and finds the wagon train with the Swenson family. The family is unsure whether to trust Trampas and agree to decide by the next morning. During the night he is awaken by one of the girls who says she is ready to leave now. They leave but Indian signs make Trampas nervous along the route. They have to camp outdoors for one night which starts with Trampas teasing Anna but gets serious when Trampas hears signs of Indians. The next day is worse when the bride is found conversing with Indian women in their camp and a later run-in with men Trampas does not trust or know. Trampas makes a final bid to get through to Lars but not with the results he expected
Guest stars: Katherine Crawford, Peter Whitney, Barbara Werle

"The Virginian" 59 Dark Destiny (1964)

Shiloh ranch hands catch three men and a girl stealing horses. One of the men is killed by Steve but the others are taken in. The girl, Billy Jo, is the young daughter of the ring leader. The sheriff decides she should stay at Shiloh to prevent problems. While trying to break a horse, Randy bruises his spine resulting in paralysis from the waist down. Billy Jo is assigned the task of helping Randy with his exercises to try and recover. Although initially antagonistic with each other, they develop a closer relationship until Randy feels there is no hope for recovery. Her comments, however, persuade him to attend a local dance and catches the eye of the doctor who feels she would make a good nurse. Her father still exerts influence over her persuading her to supply him with a gun. He and his partner escape jail and arrive at Shiloh expecting to pick up his daughter and extract revenge on Steve for the death of his brother.
Guest stars: Brenda Scott, Robert J. Wilke, Cal Barlett

"The Virginian" 60 A Man Called Kane (1964)

While riding Betsy and Randy find a cave with $1000 and a skeleton. A man going by Johnny Kane arrives at Shiloh looking for work. In reality he is Randy's older brother who Randy has not seen since he was very young. Johnny is wanted by the law but tells Randy he is innocent. He has a girl friend who sings at the saloon. A government investigator, Duggan, arrives telling the sheriff and The Virginian there is another $250,000 in negotiable bonds to be found on Shiloh. The money is loot from a bank in the old CSA. He pretends to be surveying while searching the ranch. Johnny, thinking Duggan is after him, has his girl friend help learn what Duggan is after. Johnny then decides to go after the money. Steve returns from a trip to Texas with a wanted poster identifying Johnny and why he is wanted. Johnny follows Duggan abandoning Randy. Randy trails Johnny to where Duggan has found the cash and been killed by Johnny. The Virginian goes there, too, when Johnny and Randy cannot be found. Johnny, however, gets the drop on The Virginian. Randy initially believes he has kept Johnny from killing The Virginian. However, he finds himself in conflict with his brother.
Guest stars: Jeremy Slate, Dick Foran

"The Virginian" 61 Ryker (1964)

Emmett Ryker is summoned to Medicine Bow by John Hagen to stop Ed Hale from completing a cattle drive and paying a mortgage owed to Hagen. Ryker, however, always works on the side of the law and turns down the job. Hale is killed anyway and everyone assumes Ryker did it. When Ryker learns this, he decides to help Hale's daughter Janet and Trampas who has been seeing Janet frequently and was asked by her father to help with the drive. He deals himself in by cutting cards with her for half the ranch and wins. Hagen calls in Sam Lake who has a similar reputation to Ryker's but unknown to Hagen Lake and Ryker are close friends. Lake sides with Ryker and the two overpower Hagen's men sent to stampede the herd. When Lake is killed by Hagen's man, Ryker comes after Hagen. In the end of course The Virginian trumps both Trampas and Ryker, the new deputy, when it comes to women.
Guest stars: Leslie Nielsen, Anne Helm, Berkeley Harris, Jan Merlin

"The Virginian" 62 The Dark Challenge (1964)
The Hendricks family has moved to a ranch near Shiloh. When they attend a local dance, Wally and Trampas both ask the daughter Jenny to dance not realizing she cannot due to a club foot. When Trampas pushes her on not dancing with him, her father hits Trampas and takes his daughter home along with her brother Arnie. Trampas feels bad and with Betsy's urging visits the Hendricks to apologize. Arnie feed up with the attention his sister receives from their father, tries to impress a saloon girl Joan by holding up a stagecoach and stealing $642 from the passengers but shoots a guard in the shoulder during the robbery. Trampas asks Jenny to attend other social functions which she gladly does. At the same time Wally the blacksmith takes a keen interest in her but is shy. Carl Hendricks tries to hire Trampas as a foreman with the understanding he would marry Jenny but Trampas declines. During an argument between Arnie and his father, Carl is accidentally stabbed and dies. He tries to blame Trampas by hiding the knife in the surrey used by Trampas. However, at the inquest Ryker points the blame at Arnie.
Guest stars: Victor Jory, Katherine Ross, Chris Robinson

"The Virginian" 63 The Black Stallion (1964)

Slaughter and Hogan own a thoroughbred stallion they have abused and challenge riders to win $10 by staying on it ten seconds. He breaks loose at Medicine Bow killing Hogan. Randy finds the horse tangled in a tree and takes the sick horse to Charlie Orwell who is a vet and drunk. Charlie heals the horse but warns everyone he is dangerous including Jody Wingate who visits Charlie and is attracted to him. He returns the horse to Randy at Shiloh where Slaughter arrives to claim the horse. When Judge Garth sees how Slaughter mistreats the horse, he forces Slaughter to sell him the horse. Garth asks Randy to kill the horse but Randy returns him to Charlie who in a drunken stupor frees the horse. When the horse raids the local ranches for mares, Randy, Jody, and Charlie track down the stallion and recapture the mares. Charlie gentles the stallion but Slaughter releases their mounts and shoots Charlie. Randy is forced to ride the stallion for help and Charlie comes to realize his feelings for Jody.
Guest stars: Robert Culp, Jena Engstrom, Don ‘Red’ Berry

"The Virginian" 64 The Hero (1964)
James Templeton arrives at Shiloh with the stated intention of writing a story about Judge Garth due to interest back east in him as a territorial senator from Wyoming. He soon proves to everyone he is a man of man talents. He can ride bucking broncs, shoot fast, play the violin, dance, is well traveled, and heroic to everyone and especially Betsy. The lone exception is Trampas who has a dislike for him. A second man, Ray Harding, an attorney contacts Judge Garth about an old case the Judge ruled on and then fails at an attempt to blackmail the Judge about the case. Harding and Templeton are working together to scam the Judge but their ploy is not working. Templeton develops a love for Betsy and sees life with her as a better future but Harding hires three hands fired by Garth to help kidnap Betsy for ransom. Templeton has to make a decision on what to do when he is caught with Betsy by the kidnappers
Guest stars: Steve Forrest, Warren Stevens, Steve Ihnat

"The Virginian" 65 Felicity's Spring (1964)
The Virginian returns to Medicine Bow and meets the new school teacher, Felicity Andrews, who has every man in the area entranced with her dance lessons and beauty. When her older sister Kate sees Felicity's interest in The Virginian, she goes to Shiloh to buy Felicity a riding horse for her birthday and ask The Virginian to her birthday party. He accepts and as he sees the impact she has on others including her pupils his interest in her develops as well. After a relatively short courtship, he asks her to marry him and she accepts. When Kate learns the monetary investment The Virginian is making for their home, she tells him the truth. Felicity has a fatal illness with little time left. Her mother had the same illness leading to their father killing their mother and committing suicide. Felicity does not know about her illness. The Virginian must decide what to do as their wedding is soon.
Guest stars: Katherine Crawford, Mariette Hartley

"The Virginian" 66 The Brazos Kid (1964)

A pretty young woman arrives in Medicine Bow and finagles a job at the Banner newspaper. In order to gain a reputation as a reporter, Miss Samantha Fry (writing as Colonel Sam Fry), writes a series of articles about a chance-heard person, presumed dead: The Brazos Kid. Samantha, despite repeated warnings from various people, including The Virginian, insists upon writing more suggestive, inflammatory stories until an inference of hers turns attention on The Virginian, putting his life in danger.
Guest stars: Barbara Eden, Skip Homeier, James Brown

"The Virginian" 67 Big Image... Little Man (1964)
Millionaire Paul Leland is pushed off his private train car and left stranded in the desert where The Virginian finds him on the verge of dying. The Virginian is driving a herd of cattle to Washington for higher prices to save the ranchers in Medicine Bow. He is on a tight schedule to beat the California herds and has no time, men, or supplies to cater to Leland's demands. Leland further feels the wrath of a man put out of a job when Leland closed a stage line through the area. He is forced to work as the cook's helper and tries to hire men to escape the drive but is unsuccessful. His ire causes a stampede destroying supplies and injuring four men including Hogy, the cook, who has tried to help him. When he is forced then to work as a cow puncher, he starts to take ownership of the job and a desire to see it done right. When the drive is over, Leland still has an issue to settle with The Virginian.
Guest stars: Linden Chiles. Slim Pickens, Paul Birch

"The Virginian" 68 A Father for Toby (1964)

An orphanage near the Shiloh ranch is home to a group of boys, including one Toby Shea, who starts pretending that Trampas is his father, much to Trampas' dismay. Trampas is more interested in the pretty woman who heads the orphanage, but agrees to momentarily help Toby out. A new ranchhand, Jim, is not who he seems to be, and has a strong interest in Toby Shea. Turns out that Jim is Toby's father, who'd been away in prison. Someone from Jim's past is haunting him, and it's a toss-up to either go back to his old ways, or to make the best life he can for himself and Toby. This episode is notable for Kurt Russell as Toby, and his father, Bing Russell, as the bad man from his father's past.
Guest stars: Rory Calhoun, Joanna Moore, Kurt Russell

"The Virginian" 69 The Girl from Yesterday (1964)
Steve runs into his childhood sweetheart, Jane Carlyle, who is singing at the saloon in Medicine Bow. When he tries to renew their relationship, she brushes him off. The next day US Marshal Cass contacts Judge Garth and Steve to ask Steve's help. They believe Jane is part of the Jack Wade gang. Steve doesn't believe it but agrees to help. He changes personality, cheats at dice, and antagonizes his coworkers until The Virginian confronts him in the saloon and Steve quits creating concern among his friends at Shiloh. He continues to push the relationship with Jane who begins to rekindle her old feelings for Steve. Steve tells her he is going to rob $50,000 arriving in Medicine Bow and she tries to talk him out of it leading Steve to believe she is innocent. However, Wade hears what is happening via his man Neal Fairburn. He forces Jane to setup a meeting with Steve to see what he knows about the shipment. Steve tells how easy it will be to steal the money when it arrives. Jack liking what he hears asks Steve to join the gang. However, Jack changes the plan and steals the money as it leaves Medicine Bow masquerading as calvary troops and learns that Steve is a plant. After the robbery he takes Steve and Jane to confront them on their roles and any plans made by the law.
Guest stars: Peter Mark Richman, Ruta Lee, Don Collier

"The Virginian" 70 Return a Stranger (1964)
Craig Ryan returns home after attending college studying mining engineering. He has signed a contract with a group to re-open his dad's silver mine and make it profitable by processing the ore on site. However, their financial resources are limited and they have a very tight deadline to produce enough refined silver to pay off the loan or lose the mine. Craig is consumed by the task ignoring his local friends feeling they abandoned his father. When Judge Garth complains about them holding back water, Craig buys and takes pipe ordered for a rancher to correct the problem supposedly. Sam, an old trapper trespassing is forced off the property by Craig due to a water danger created by the mine. After an equipment breakdown, Craig cons Judge Garth to loan him mules. When cattle start dying, the ranchers obtain an injunction to shut down the mine. However, when Sam is found dying by the river, Craig at the demand of his father takes Sam to the doctor but their business partner Whit tries to stop Craig. Sam dies and Craig with the help of Judge Garth and his men return to the mine to regain control.
Guest stars: Lief Erickson, Peter Brown, Whit Bissell

"The Virginian" 71 All Nice and Legal (1964)
Victoria Greenleigh arrives in Medicine Bow from Philadelphia with her companion Mrs. Clancy to open a new law office in Medicine Bow. She finds an office and house to rent - both owned by Judge Garth. As the Judge is out of town she must deal with The Virginian who inadvertently gives her a bad impression when he appears to question her ability as a woman to practice law. The Virginnian returns to correct the misunderstanding and being in the midst of a legal dispute about a saddle he ordered is forced to hire her as his attorney. Meanwhile a second problem is occurring on Shiloh where three men are camping and butchering Shiloh cattle for food. The Virginian tells them to leave but they ignore his orders. Victoria wins The Virginian's case and another developing a reputation as an able attorney. When The Virginian catches the three men still butchering beef he has them locked up for trespassing but not rustling hoping they will be scared out of the area. Not knowing all the facts Victoria bails them out of jail. When The Virginian attempts to leave Victoria's home after dinner with her, the men attempt to shoot The Virginian. When she learns the truth about the men, she realizes she made a mistake. At the same time a representative of the governor arrives with a job offer before The Virginian can leave making them both realize their future together is in jeopardy.
Guest stars: Anne Francis, Ellen Corby, John Kellogg

"The Virginian" 72 A Gallows for Sam Horn (1964)

Colonel John Briscoe is trying to put a railroad through several ranches but has used friends in the legislature to obtain the land at unfair prices. When his son Scott along with Ryker try to gain access to the land under a court order, Sam Horn tries to stop them with force resulting in a scuffle between him and Scott. Judge Garth delays it with a legal maneuver but the ranchers know they will lose their land. Sam is good friends with Peg Dineen who works as a waitress at the restaurant. While Sam and Ryker are having a meal there, Scott enters and sees Peg resulting in another scuffle between Scott and Sam. Peg and Scott had planned to get married until Scott's father sent him to Europe when told their plans. When Scott learns Peg had his baby, he asks his father for help but he refuses. Scott upon learning Sam is taking $2,500 to Laramie for a new appraisal tries to steal the money and is shot by Sam but there are no witnesses making it appear Sam shot Scott in retaliation. John Briscoe wants Sam hung and has his security man move Peg out of town. Sam asks Judge Garth to represent him and Ryker is sent to find Peg and see if she can shed any light on what happened. In the end Judge Garth must also rely on Mrs. Briscoe who has been kept in the dark by her overbearing husband.
Guest stars: John Lupton, Edward Binns, George Kennedy.

"The Virginian" 73 Portrait of a Widow (1964)

Judge Garth is the executor of the estate of a neighbor and his widow Maggie Menken. Maggie and Betsy have gone to Chicago to visit a relative and help Maggie heal from the loss of her husband. While there she meets Charles Boulanger who is a French portrait painter. When Maggie and Betsy return to Medicine Bow, Charles decides to follow them. In reality Charles is an American painter who owes significant money to men trying to collect. Judge Garth is wary of Charles when he arrives and more so when he learns his fee to paint Maggie which he allows at Betsy's urging. He and Betsy learn that he is overcharging but Betsy notices that Maggie is extremely fond of him and they are enjoying each other's company. The men from Chicago track down Charles at Maggie's and he tells them he is going to pay them back with an expensive original painting he going to steal from Maggie. Judge Garth learns of the plan but says nothing to Maggie to prevent hurting her feelings. When Judge Garth finds that Charles did not take the painting, he decides further actions are needed.
Guest stars: Vera Miles, John Gavin, Ann Doran

"The Virginian" 74 The Payment (1964)

Ryker is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Abe Clayton who raised him. Abe is a tough outlaw recently released from prison. The Sheriff, however, is not happy to have Abe in town. Ryker has a room and job lined up for Abe but Abe spurns both. Abe overhears plans for a big sale of Shiloh cattle in Medicine Bow and settles into an abandoned homestead adjacent to Shiloh. Abe's brother, nephew, and adopted daughter Rita along with her outlaw boy friend join Abe at the homestead. The men spy on the herd being collected by the Shiloh hands for sale. The uncle and his son have a successful ranch and Ryker and Rita still have a close relationship even though they are unrelated. Ryker realizes they are planning trouble and tries to persuade the members of the group to leave or change their plans but to no avail. The Sheriff, Ryker, and The Virginian assume they are planning to rustle part of the herd. The Sheriff and Ryker ride with the herd to stop any rustling. When nothing happens, they realize the real target is the money for the herd in the Medicine Bow bank. They arrive after the robbery resulting in the nephew's death and the deaths of two people in the bank. The Virginian, Sheriff, and Ryker track the group to the cabin but Ryker must continue the hunt to catch Abe resulting in a deadly confrontation Ryker wanted to avoid.
Guest stars: Lloyd Nolan, Lisabeth Hush, Bruce Dern

"The Virginian" 75 A Man of the People (1964)

The Virginian and Judge Garth visit a group of settlers who are moving into the public lands used for grazing by the nearby ranches. Judge Garth and Barney Wingate check with the Land Office learning that their usual automatic renewal on the lease for the lands was stopped. When they investigate banners being raised in Medicine Bow, they learn an old classmate of Garth's, Matthew J. Cosgrove, who is a congressman in New York is bringing immigrants from there to settle in Wyoming to curry favor with his constituents. He also arranged to have his nephew, David, a lieutenant in the Army to be there on a make work project to fix a bridge. David stops at Shiloh to meet Betsy but learns by accident that Judge Garth has a low opinion of his uncle. Garth's main concern is that the land being settled is poor quality for farming and the settlers will lose everything on it. Cosgrove swears the government blessed the land for farming but when Garth tries to verify it, he finds it not to be true. When Cosgrove made his plan public before the government reported on the land, his assistant faked the reports to cover his mistake without telling Cosgrove. To make matters worse his assistant steals the settler's money for the land. When the telegraph is down, his nephew is able to help by using the Army mirror signaling system.
Guest stars: James Dunn, Arthur Space, Martin West

Plot summary for all 249 episodes of


James Drury as The Virginian - All 9 seasons 249 episodes. Shiloh Foreman

Doug McClure as Trampas. All 9 seasons.  Top Shiloh Ranch Hand

Clu Gulager as Emmett Ryker Deputy Sheriff Seasons 3 & 4. Last half of 5 & 6.

Lee J Cobb as Judge Garth 1st owner of Shiloh. Seasons 1 - 4

Gary Clarke as Steve Hill. Shiloh Ranch hand. Seasons 1 - 2

Roberta Shore as Betsy Garth. Seasons 1-3

Randy Boone as Randy Benton Shiloh Ranch hand Seasons 2-4

Diane Roter as Jennifer Sommers Season 4

John Dehner as Morgon Starr. Temporary boss of Shiloh. Between Judge garth and John Granger. Season 4

L.Q. Jones as Beldon. Seasons 2 - 6

Sara Lane as Elizabeth Grainger, Seasons 5 - 8

Ross Elliott as Sheriff Mark Abbott Seasons 1 -2 & 5 -8

Charles Bickford as John Grainger 2nd Shiloh Owner. Seasons 5 and early 6. He was replaced by John McIntire on his death. in 1967.

John McIntire as Clay Grainger. 3rd Shiloh owner. Seasons 6 - 8

Don Quine as Stacy Grainger Seasons 5 -6

Stewart Granger as Col. Alan Carrie McKenzie . 4 Shiloh owner. Season 9

Tim Matheson as Jim Horn Season 8

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