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Episodes 76 to 100                                                                                          Guest Stars

"The Virginian" 76 The Hour of the Tiger (1964)
Ten years ago, Judge Garth and his neighbor, Junius Antlow were on the best of terms, but one night, it all changed. Today, a rock slide has closed a pass that allowed Garth's herds to move from outlying pasture to the ranch. Garth is forced to seek out Junius to ask permission to cross his lands to bring the cattle in. Antlow is filled with hate and refuses, so Garth is forced to bring in Chinese laborers and a construction overseer to blow a tunnel to allow the cattle to pass. The Antlows use every tactic they can to block the tunnel until the price to to be paid is too high. At the same time, one of the laborers, a young woman passing as a man, falls in love with The Virginian.
Guest stars: Cely Carillo, Tom Tully, Robert J. Wilke

"The Virginian" 77 Two Men Named Laredo (1965)
The Virginian and crew must hire extra hands to drive cattle back to Medicine Bow due to a bridge out on the train route. One of the men hired, Eddie Laredo saves Trampas's life during a stampede. Eddie seems to be a quiet worker who does his job well so Trampas convinces The Virginian to hire him full time. Everyone is happy with his work but he is not a joiner and reads a lot. During a trip to Medicine Bow two men and a women hide burrs under Eddie's saddle resulting in him being bucked off on Main Street. Later one of the men is killed by Eddie with the woman as a witness but he is let go. Later the woman is found dead and Trampas swears he saw Eddie in town that night. When Trampas finds the shirt he saw Eddie wearing with blood on it, Eddie shoots Trampas. After Eddie is arrested, he says he remembers nothing of either incident but is sorry about Trampas. The community and prosecutor assume Eddie is guilty but Judge Garth feels there may be another factor. He suggests the idea that Eddie is insane part of the time but neither the doctor or prosecutor believe it. The Judge takes on Eddie's defense but the outcome looks bleak for Eddie until the Judge calls Eddie to testify and the prosecutor starts his cross examination.
Guest stars: Fabian, Ford Rainey, Elizabeth MacRae

"The Virginian" 78 Hideout (1965)
While riding in the hills, Betsy finds a large herd of wild horses and Clint Evers trying to capture them. When a mountain lion threatens them, Clint takes Betsy to the cabin he shares with his father Martin. As Betsy leaves the next day, Martin asks her not to tell he and his son are there. On the way back Betsy is bitten by a rattlesnake and Clint is forced to take her to Dr. Spaulding. A man there recognizes Clint and tells Ryker about Martin being wanted in Laramie for killing a prospecting partner. Betsy refuses to tell The Virginian where she was and Clint shows up at Shiloh looking to recover the horses he abandoned when Betsy was bit which The Virginian buys. Ryker visits Shiloh to learn more about Clint and tells Betsy about Martin being wanted. Betsy returns to tell Clint and Martin about Ryker's visit. After going out to catch horses, Clint and Betsy return to the cabin to find Martin with broken ribs due to being bucked off a horse. When they can't help Martin and their friend Sorrowful says he needs a doctor, Betsy goes for Dr. Spaulding despite Clint and Martin's wishes. Betsy brings Clint to The Virginian to make a deal on the horses to provide Clint and Martin money to leave. Ryker hears about it and locates Clint and Martin ending their days hiding out. Several surprising facts surface while ending the five year self imprisonment of the Evers men.
Guest stars: Forrest Tucker, Andrew Prine, Douglas Fowley

"The Virginian" 79 Six Graves at Cripple Creek (1965)
Ryker shoots two men during a bank holdup and recognizes one of the men as one of two men he was searching for years ago in the murder of two people. He questions the man and gets a lead on the second man. He leaves for Silver City to hunt for Charlie McMasters. At Silver City he learns McMasters was supposedly killed at Cripple Creek by Indians. The Sheriff jails Ryker until he agrees to accompany a young woman Lucille Carver to Cripple Creek. She is looking for her father John Carver who she does not remember and was killed at Cripple Creek. They are attacked at Cripple Creek and then go on to Fort Shields. Ryker learns there that one man survived Cripple Creek and had a large amount of gold. He leaves Lucille at the fort while he goes on to Deadwood. On the way the Silver City sheriff waylays Ryker after telling him he is after the gold. At Deadwood Ryker and the sheriff meet again and they learn that someone sent for Lucille claiming to be her father. Ryker meets with Lucille and her father as it is clear Lucille has taken a strong liking to her father but more importantly to Ryker. Further investigation reveals that the mine being worked is a front for the stolen gold. This puts Ryker in a sticky position with Lucille concerning her fake father and leads to confrontation between the two sides.
Guest stars: John Doucette, Sheilah Wells, Paul Birch

"The Virginian" 80 Lost Yesterday (1965)
Clara Malone's bank robber boyfriend dies from a gun shot in a Laramie hotel. With his two partners chasing her for the money he hid, Clara fakes her suicide and leaves on a stage. The Virginian is the other passenger when the stage loses a wheel killing the driver and dazing her and The Virginian. A fire causes her to faint but The Virginian comes to in time to rescue her. She has lost her memory and it does not appear to be returning so she starts a new life under the fond wing of The Virginian plus Martha Winslow the school teacher. When one of the men looking for her spots her at a dance, Trev tells the sheriff he is her brother and wants to take her to another doctor in Salt Lake City. A drapery fire again frightens Clara and brings back her memory. The men force her and The Virginian to take them to the money at an old fort but The Virginian gives the sheriff a message for Trampas to indicate what is really happening as they leave town.
Guest stars: Shirley Knight, Monica Lewis, Simon Scott, John Kellogg

"The Virginian" 81 A Slight Case of Charity (1965)
Trampas is sent to Albuquerque, New Mexico with a herd of cattle for the local cattlemen's association and is to return with over $18,700. He makes the trip and successfully settles the cattle transaction but is forced to put the money in cash in the hotel safe. He mets a lovely lady Charity who mistakes him for the guide/guard she is trying to hire. After she learns she needs $1500 to hire the guide, she decides to "borrow" it from Trampas by stealing his receipt for the money. The next day Trampas learns the money is missing when he tries to get a bank draft for the money. The hotel and local sheriff think he and the girl are trying to pull a con on the hotel as they left together. He tracks her down and is forced to go with her after the guide who stole the money and supposedly a jeweled ring she is trying to sell. The Virginian sends Ryker after Trampas when they don't hear from him and the man who Charity believes jilted her all end up on the trail of Charity, Trampas and the guide.
Guest stars: Kathryn Hays, Jerome Courtland

"The Virginian" 82 You Take the High Road (1965)
While in Casper, Wyoming The Virginian runs into Mark Shannon who is kicked off a trail drive of a herd owned by him and his sister Peggy but run by Jack Slauson as the trail boss and boyfriend of Peggy. After breaking up the fight, The Virginian hires Mark to work at Shiloh. He confides to The Virginian he did not resort to his gun because he is inept with it. The Virginian teaches him how to handle a gun but warns him that it shouldn't be used to settle arguments. As the Shannon herd approaches the Medicine Bow area, they receive a report it may contain Spanish Fever which could wipe out the local herds. When Slauson shows some willingness to work with the local ranchers, Mark challenges him, wounds him severely, and takes over the drive. Although the herd proves to have the fever, Mark decides to stampede the herd through forcing a showdown ultimately with The Virginian.
Guest stars: Richard Beymer, Diana Lynn

"The Virginian" 83 Shadows of the Past (1965)
Ryker's friend John Conway is expecting Rita who he met in a hospital in San Franisco to arrive and marry him. Being shy with women, John asks Ryker to join them for dinner to break the ice. At work Ryker receives a mail message from the Gar brothers recently released from prison for a robbery during which Ryker killed the third brother. Rita seems distant to John but he is unsure why. When Ryker returns Rita's lost suitcase from the railroad, he finds her drunk. He later sees her riding wildly in a buggy and after stopping her, confronts her about her relationship with John. She tells John the truth about losing her husband and two children during a boating accident. She says she will never love John or have children with him and gives him the option to back out of the marriage. Ryker tells the Gar brothers they had better leave town by the next day. They decide to ambush Ryker that night but stumble onto John as he is going to see Rita to tell her to stay. Ryker encounters Rita at the train station realizing from her face she was hoping to see John. The Gar brothers see Ryker and ambush him while he is with Rita but let her leave. John awakens from being knocked out by the Gar brothers and despite Ryker's plea for him to avoid guns, he takes his pistol to help Ryker who is pinned down but John's shooting is still erratic.
Guest stars: Jack Warden, Marilyn Erskine, John Milford

"The Virginian" 84 Legend for a Lawman (1965)
Randy is in Cobb's Run, Kansas waiting for The Virginian to arrive the next day. After helping a man with an injured arm he meets in the saloon, he finds himself duped into tricking the sheriff to open the bank door. A group of four men rob the bank of $47,000 but are interrupted during their escape by the deputy. Randy and the sheriff who were knocked out, both come to during the escape and shooting with Randy being mistaken by the sheriff for one of the robbers and is shot by the sheriff. The sheriff who has a reputation as one of the best lawmen, swears he locked the door behind Randy but he didn't. Randy is charged with murder and robbery. The Virginian arrives the next day but his support of Randy is dismissed by everyone due to the sheriff's reputation. The Virginian locates one bandit wounded in the escape but he dies before returning to town. Randy is tried, found guilty, and sentenced to hang. The Virginian posts a reward for information on the two remaining bandits but decides to break Randy from jail but one of the sheriff's opponents captures them. A man finds The Virginian in jail and provides a clue to the bandits' hideout. The Virginian and the sheriff find them but during their capture both bandits are killed.
Guest stars: Ford Rainey, Adam West, William Mims

"The Virginian" 85 Timberland (1965)
Charles Daniels has purchased timberland near the grazing lands of the Medicine Bow ranchers. The ranchers are concerned that his clear cutting the land will ruin the grazing lands but Daniels refuses to listen to them. Daniels' daughter Katherine arrives to join him. Daniels' foreman Paul Rogers has planned to marry Katherine but when she arrives she has second thoughts about Paul. Meanwhile Dave Ferguson, a rancher's son, takes a shine to Katherine and her to him. When Paul spots Katherine and Dave dancing outside a local dance, he attacks Dave and pulls Dave's gun which goes off killing Paul. Daniels wants revenge and Katherine to keep quiet about what happened. However, Katherine's honesty forces her to tell the truth resulting in Dave's release. Her father unsatisfied decides to go after Dave himself for revenge but is shocked at what he learns
Guest stars: Martin Milner, William Smith, Joan Freeman

"The Virginian" 86 Dangerous Road (1965)
Ryker asks Trampas to escort a prisoner, Young Bob Coulter, wanted for murder of a woman to Coulter Junction as Trampas is close friends with the sheriff there. The trip is uneventful but Trampas is asked by Young Bob's father twice for favors which Trampas declines. He learns the sheriff was dragged and killed by his horse but Kitty, the sheriff's daughter, questions whether an expert wrangler like her father could be killed by the horse as does Trampas. Trampas proves the horse is ridable and not likely to have killed the sheriff but the current deputy is hard to convince. As Trampas learns more, he comes to suspect Young Bob killed the girl and then the sheriff to escape arrest but the elder Bob's men stop Trampas's investigation as he has the same suspicions. However, Trampas unwillingly to be stopped finds proof that leads to an unexpected revelation about the truth in both deaths.
Guest stars: Simon Oakland, Tom Simcox, Robert Pine. Ben Johnson

"The Virginian" 87 Farewell to Honesty (1965)
The Virginian arrives at Honesty, Wyoming to bring Major Ralph Forrester back to Medicine Bow to settle a lawsuit involving $8,000 of worthless land deeds. The law prevents him from taking the Major back as he not a regular peace officer. Honesty is owned by the Major and his wife. The saloon is run by Jennifer a woman The Virginian slowly comes to recognize as the relative of friends. Unknown to the Major's wife he has been stealing from her but she is aware of his interest in Jennifer. The Major is using the threat of a manslaughter charge against Jennifer in Cheyenne to control her but she has no interest in the Major and tries to stay out of his schemes. When the Major realizes The Virginian is close to exposing his problems, he uses the stolen money to pay off the lawsuit but steals the money back as The Virginian prepares to leave town. When The Virginian confronts him, he decides to leave and take Jennifer with him. On his way to meet Jennifer the Major is shot and killed resulting in a murder charge against The Virginian who was there and fired his gun. Ryker arrives and is forced to quickly investigate what happened resulting in a Perry Mason style trial as bullets from multiple guns are examined along with the history of those involved.
Guest stars: Richard Carlson, Kathleen Crowley, Dorothy Green

"The Virginian" 88 Old Cowboy (1965)
Old time cowboy Murdock and his grandson Willy walk into Medicine Bow looking for a job as a top cow hand but he is years beyond his prime. They stop The Virginian but he turns Murdock down for Shiloh. Murdock uses the little change they have to play poker with Belden, Randy, and Trampas. Although he wins initially, he loses all but a dime which he uses to buy Willy soup and himself a beer. Trampas feeling sorry for him, decides to hire him for Shiloh. Murdock continually says he has a twenty dollar gold eagle coin in boot for emergencies but only Willy believes him. Murdock tries to do the work but consistently makes mistakes including branding a neighboring ranch's cattle with the Shiloh brand and stampeding their cattle causing the owner to break his arm. His animosity with Trampas grows with Willy's worship of the younger Trampas. When Trampas goes to fire him under The Virginian's orders, Murdock knocks over a kerosene lamp burning down the barn and the winter pasture for the cattle. Due to a shortage of hands needed to split and move the herds, Murdock is sent with Randy and Trampas. Trampas has injured his hand leading to an infection requiring Randy to go for a doctor. Murdock, who told Willy he would not return unless he successfully moved the herd, takes it upon himself to move the herd alone when wolves stampede them. He succeeds but on his return he falls off his horse at the gate to Shiloh due to exhaustion. When Trampas removes his left boot, Willy finds no gold coin but pretends he has it. Later when they put Murdock to bed and remove his right boot they find the double eagle.
Guest stars: Franchot Tone, Bill Mumy

"The Virginian" 89 The Showdown (1965)
The Virginian arrives in Monolith, Arizona to buy cattle from the Landers family. Upon arrival the city Marshall warns him not to buy cattle from them. The next day the Virginian inspects the cattle and buys $5000 worth. When he and two of Landers boys return to town, one of the boys ends up in a fight but all three are arrested. The Virginian learns that no one likes Marshall Frome or his brother the deputy because of their heavy tactics. The brothers are released from jail but The Virginian is not. The Landers bring in the herd of cattle for The Virginian but the Marshall seizes the cattle and Shiloh money. The Marshall is shot by someone and assumes it was Billy Landers. when The Virginian goes to see Jake Landers, he finds Tom Landers using a running iron to brand cattle. On his return to town he spots Deputy Ben Frome who has been dragged by the Landers boys. At the Marshall's office he learns they skinned a couple of the cattle to prove that the Landers have been systematically rustling cattle. Sheriff Brady until he saw the proof ignored the Frome's and rancher's complaints about the Landers. The Marshall arrests Billy Landers and turns him over to the County Sheriff Jim Brady who holds him. The Landers family breaks Billy out of the county jail. When due to their hatred for the Fromes no one in town is willing to support them, The Virginian decides he cannot abandon them in their fight against the Landers.
Guest stars: Michael Ansara, Tom Skerritt, Leonard Nimoy, Peter Whitney

"The Virginian" 90 We've Lost a Train (1965)
This episode is a crossover with the Texas Rangers from the show Laredo. Trampas is sent by the Virginian to Mexico to return with a bull purchased by Judge Garth. While in Laredo waiting to cross over into Mexico, Trampas becomes involved in fights with three of the Texas Rangers. He ends up traveling with them into Mexico to recover money stolen from a train and to save a baby found alone on the train. This episode has a strong comedic bent to it.
Guest stars: Neville Brand, Peter Brown, William Smith, Fernando Lemas, Rhonda Fleming, Ida Lupino

"The Virginian" 91 The Brothers (1965)
Matt Denning, a rancher at Medicine Bow, breaks his brother Will out of the guard house at a military fort the night before he is to be executed believing Will to be innocent. Matt tells Will they are going to his ranch to pickup Matt's wife and son and then they will leave for Canada. Sherrif Ryker, who is good friends with Matt, is notified of the breakout and that a guard was killed during the escape. The military sends a squad to capture the brothers and Ryker goes after them as well. The army and Ryker catch up with the Dennings as well as a group of Indians on the warpath due to the Ghost Dance. During the action Matt learns Will was guilty.
Guest stars: Robert Lansing, Andrew Prine, Jan Shepard, Kurt Russell

"The Virginian" 92 Day of the Scorpion (1965)
The Tercell family which raises sheep is moving into the area from Australia. The son and daughter arrive first with some ranch hands o prepare for the sheep. The son who is a bully becomes embroiled in a fight with the Virginian and loses. He confronts the Virginian on the road and is accidentally killed during the mle. The Virginian becomes close to the daughter, Reagan. Adding to the rancor between the father, who is a bigger bully, and the locals is the arrival of the sheep and the fight that ensues.
Guest stars: John Anderson, Maura McGiveney, John McLiam, Sean McClory

"The Virginian" 93 A Little Learning (1965)
A new attractive school teacher, Martha Perry, is asked by a man, Rafe Simmons, who many in the town consider a fool to teach him how to read so he can read his mother's diary. Many of the local men including Trampas, the Virginian, and the deputy are interested in dating her. Unknown to everyone she is married to a man, Bert Kramer, she met while working in a saloon. Bert has been released from prison and is in town wanting her back. She wants a divorce and some of the men trick Bert into thinking Rafe is interested in her romantically leading to problems for Rafe.
Guest stars: Albert Salami, Susan Oliver, Bruce Dern

"The Virginian" 94 The Claim (1965)
Trampas is getting tired of the day to day work at Shiloh. When his old friend Luke Milford, who is a vagabond, shows up in Medicine Bow, Trampas becomes irritated with the Virginian's push for more work so he quits Shiloh. Trampas and Luke decide to head for Deadwood where there is action which they find plentiful. They meet an old prospector who says he has found gold but needs someone to back him. They decide to go prospecting with him but come to find that the gold is on Indian land among other problems.
Guest stars: William Shatner, Strother Martin, John Pickard

"The Virginian" 95 The Awakening (1965)
Betsy runs into David Henderson who is on foot and trying to catch a fish by hand during his wandering trip to the west. She offers a meal for work at the ranch but he spurns her offer. Later Trampas brings him in and Betsy becomes intrigued with him while feeding him. An unsafe mine with labor problems requires Judge Garth's attention and draws David's interest due to a cave-in. He is a minister who worked in a mining community. He becomes involved resulting in more contact between him and Betsy. They fall in love but he is reluctant due to a previous wife's death and other issues. They marry and move back east allowing the character of Betsy to leave the show.
Guest stars: Glen Corbett, John Doucette, Ford Rainey

"The Virginian" 96 Ring of Silence (1965)
While on the way back to Medicine Bow, Sherrif Ryker is on a stage coach with four other passengers, the driver and the shotgun. They are trapped by a group of Mexicans. Their leader knows Ryker and they want one of the passengers for the rape and murder of a girl from their village in Mexico. The passenger claims to be innocent and Ryker wants the Mexicans to allow Wiley to be taken back to town for a trial. They refuse and fighting ensues and ultimately the Virginian and Trampas rescues the people left alive.
Guest stars: Earl Holliman, Joyce Van Patten, Royal Dano

"The Virginian" 97 Jennifer (1965)
Judge Garth's sister and husband are killed back East. He has not seen them since their daughter was a baby and he never approved of his sister's husband. The orphaned niece comes to Shiloh but is concerned about her relationship with her uncle. Judge Garth tries to make her stay pleasant and agrees to hire Johnny Bradford, a young man she met on the stage, who impressed her to work at the ranch. Although a good worker, he turns out to be wanted for several crimes including murder.
Guest stars: Diane Roter, James McArthur, Hal Needham

"The Virginian" 98 Nobility of Kings (1965)
Ben Justin along with his wife and son by a previous wife move onto a ranch adjoining Shiloh. Due to past business failures and being abandoned by previous business partners, Ben has developed a wall around him avoiding help and contact with everyone around him, including his son and wife. He wants to prove he can succeed on his own and rejects even casual help. It alienates his wife and son who look to Shiloh for friends and help. When Ben takes a risky chance to improve his herd with an expensive bull, it backfires when his ranch is hit with a cattle disease.
Guest stars: Diane Roter, Charles Bronsen, Lois Nettleton, George Kennedy

The Virginian" 99 Show Me a Hero (1965)
While traveling Trampas rescues Frank Colter from a runaway wagon and in so doing his horse is injured. Trampas is forced to stay over in Eagle Creek while his horse heals and becomes friends with the residents. Colter and others have rebuilt Eagle Creek hoping for the railroad to come through it based on inside information Colter learned in his previous job. A gambling tycoon wants to take over the city and sends Midge Conway to force the town to accept his terms and offers Conway control of the gambling in Eagle Creek if he gets the contract. Midge is an old friend of Trampas and must resort to rough methods to get what he wants from Colter and the town. Trampas hopes to stay out of the conflict.
Guest stars: Frank Kolter, Sherry Jackson, Leonard Nimoy

"The Virginian" 100 Beyond the Border (1965)
The Virginian and Trampas travel to Mexico to pickup six palomino horses for Judge Garth. The Virginian becomes sick as they reach the Mexican border. He is forced to rest at a Mexican hotel that is the hangout for an outlaw gang. The gang leader's girlfriend, Maggie, is there and becoming tired of the secondary role she plays in the gang leader's life. Trampas leaves The Virginian in her care while he goes to retrieve the horses. While he is gone The Virginian and Maggie fall in love and she decides she wishes to return to Medicine Bow with the Virginian but life is never simple.
Guest stars: Thomas Gomez, Joan Statley, Michael Forest


Plot summary for all 249 episodes of


James Drury as The Virginian - All 9 seasons 249 episodes. Shiloh Foreman

Doug McClure as Trampas. All 9 seasons.  Top Shiloh Ranch Hand

Clu Gulager as Emmett Ryker Deputy Sheriff Seasons 3 & 4. Last half of 5 & 6.

Lee J Cobb as Judge Garth 1st owner of Shiloh. Seasons 1 - 4

Gary Clarke as Steve Hill. Shiloh Ranch hand. Seasons 1 - 2

Roberta Shore as Betsy Garth. Seasons 1-3

Randy Boone as Randy Benton Shiloh Ranch hand Seasons 2-4

Diane Roter as Jennifer Sommers Season 4

John Dehner as Morgon Starr. Temporary boss of Shiloh. Between Judge garth and John Granger. Season 4

L.Q. Jones as Beldon. Seasons 2 - 6

Sara Lane as Elizabeth Grainger, Seasons 5 - 8

Ross Elliott as Sheriff Mark Abbott Seasons 1 -2 & 5 -8

Charles Bickford as John Grainger 2nd Shiloh Owner. Seasons 5 and early 6. He was replaced by John McIntire on his death. in 1967.

John McIntire as Clay Grainger. 3rd Shiloh owner. Seasons 6 - 8

Don Quine as Stacy Grainger Seasons 5 -6

Stewart Granger as Col. Alan Carrie McKenzie . 4 Shiloh owner. Season 9

Tim Matheson as Jim Horn Season 8



The Virginian


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