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Here at Western Encounters we are always looking for true stories or articles about the old west. If you have articles, stories, old fotos, or videos about the old west, please feel free to send them on to us and we will be happy to post and give you the credit once your article has been endorsed.  If you have any suggestions on what other news or subjects you would like to see on Western Encounters please lets us know. We are always open to suggestions and new ideas for this western website.
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 I fell in love with horses at the age of five when my grandfather put me on the back of a pony. A few years later I was baptized into the western book when my grandmother put a Max Brand book in my hands. I was then introduced to “Gunsmoke” and “Have Gun Will Travel” on the radio and shortly afterwards when a TV arrived in our house my life reached it’s peak with “Gunsmoke”, “Wagon Train”, “Bat Masterson”, “Cheyenne” and my all time favorite “The Virginian.” Down through all the years I have always remained fascinated about this part of American’s history. Its villains and its heroes alike. The cow towns, cardsharps, gunfighters, frontiersmen, ranchers, trail drivers, cowboys, townsmen, miners, farmers, railroad builders, gold diggers, native Americans and many many more of the different people who were part of, and who lived the life of the American West. 

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I am also a published author of western books. My last published book was an autobiographical account of my growing up in rural Ireland in the 60’s  and 70’s  called “The Forgotten Boy”  I am currently working on a new modern day western thriller set around the western sport of Reining  called “Pattern Five - One in a Million  This novel is now released and on sale at all well known internet stores.  (for more information go to ) the official Patrick Norris website.




Western Encounters is one of the fastest growing Western Web sites World Wide. Our goal is to reach all corners of the world and to bring the Western life and it’s history to new people around the world and a new generation. We wish that our children and our children’s children will never forget this part of American history. Western literature is about honesty, truth and dignity. Most of today’s westerns are not what my grandfather read or some television show created with a predictable plot so as to give it all a happy and predictable ending. Today’s westerns comprise of many forms and will always be and should have a firm place in American literature. To quote some great west writers, “The western is history, adventure, mystery, romance and more. It is yesterday, today and tomorrow. In a phrase, it is the literature of America’s soul. In fact, the western is America’s only unique brand of literature, now enjoyed throughout the world.


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