Paintings & Drawings
by Ricardo dos Reis

Cavalry Honor

Two Card Jack

Heart of a Gunfighter

Heart of a Gunfighter 2


Texas Border Special

1862 Police

True West

Colt Single Action Army-Artillery Model - 1st issue 1875

Colt Single Action Army - Storekeepers Model - 1st issue 1880

Colt Belt Model of Navy Caliber 1851



Ricardo dos Reis

Ricardo dos Reis1


Ricardo dos Reis has been studying the History of Firearms, since he was a young boy, especially the Colt Models. His grandfather passed him on the love for weapons, especially handguns; although he was a hunter and preferred long guns. The television westerns also had a huge influence for his love of handguns. Ricardo began to draw his favorite guns because it was the only way he had to access them and imagine them in his hand.

The will to learn more was strong and he dedicated all of his free time searching and studying the origins, the materials, the evolution and history of his favorite models. Having accumulated all of this knowledge he then began to carrying out work for other people upon their request, by identifying models of their own, making drawings for various collectors, creating reports on collected items and above all, creating many drawings and paintings to sell

Ricardo is also a holster maker, specialized in Old West Gun belts. Occasionally he holds various expositions in Sintra and where he does some custom works for collectors. He lives with his lovely wife and son in a place called Sintra, Portugal, (The land of artists). They also share his love and knowledge about the Old West and the western guns.

In another life he believes that he lived in a place where Values of Honesty, Loyalty and Respect were the central codes of life and where the Gun and the History were Art


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My sincere thanks to Ricardo for letting me post his creations on my website.

Paintings & Drawings by Ricardo dos Reis

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Perfect Storm

Child at War

Perfect Storm - Diary

Walker in Holster

Perfect Storm - T-shirt

Welcome Home

Reis Family

The Gods Hand



Texas Story

The Vetern

Colt Single Action Army -Cavalry model -1st issue 1873

Colt Model Bisley of 1894

Colt Pocket Navy Model 1862

Colt Single Action Model - Civilian Model 1878

Smith & Wesson Schofield Model

Colt New Model Army - 1860

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