Capital Of Western Sahara: Western Sahara

The Western Sahara is the part of Africa that is west of the Saharan Desert. It is a large and sparsely populated area.

capital of western sahara
Capital of western Sahara

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History of Western Sahara

The history of Western Sahara is a long and complicated one. The region has been contested by various countries for centuries, with Morocco eventually gaining control in 1975. Despite this, the people of Western Sahara continue to fight for their independence, with sporadic violence still occurring.

History of Western Sahara
History of Western Sahara

The Capital Of Western Sahara

The capital of Western Sahara is El Aaiun.

The Capital Of Western Sahara
The Capital Of Western Sahara

Physical Features of Western Sahara

Western Sahara is a small, sparsely populated territory located in North Africa. The territory is bordered by Algeria to the northwest, Morocco to the north and east, and Mauritania to the south. Western Sahara is mostly desert with a few small mountain ranges. The capital of Western Sahara is El Aaiun.

Political Situation in Western Sahara

Since 1975, Western Sahara has been an ungoverned territory in the Middle East. The Polisario Front, a separatist organization, seeks independence for the territory. Morocco controls the territory and its population is mostly Sahrawi Arab. There has been sporadic violence between Polisario and Moroccan forces over the years.

Economy of Western Sahara

The economy of Western Sahara is largely dependent on phosphate mining and exports. The country has few natural resources, and its main export is phosphates. The government also earns revenue from tourism. However, the economy is hampered by a lack of infrastructure and a lack of foreign investment.

What are the Countries in the Western Sahara?

The countries in the Western Sahara are Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, and Tunisia.

What are Some Important Sites in the Western Sahara?

Some important sites in the Western Sahara include the Tindouf refugee camps, which are home to over 150,000 Sahrawi refugees who fled from Algeria’s harsh policies in the region; El Aaiun, which is the capital of Western Sahara and is also home to a number of important cultural sites and UNESCO World Heritage Sites; and Erg Chebbi, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important archaeological sites in Morocco.

What is the population of Western Sahara

The population of Western Sahara is not known with certainty, but it is estimated to be around 500,000 people. The majority of the population reside in the central and southern regions of the territory.

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Why is Western Sahara not officially a country?

Western Sahara is not officially a country because it does not have a recognized government. The territory is divided between Morocco and Mauritania, with the majority of the population living in Morocco. The Moroccan government claims Western Sahara as its own territory, while the Mauritanian government says it is an autonomous province. There has been no formal resolution on the status of Western Sahara and negotiations have failed to produce a solution.

Does Western Sahara have two capitals?

Western Sahara has two capitals, Laayoune and Mohammedia. Laayoune is the larger of the two and is the capital of the Western Sahara region. Mohammedia is the capital of the Eastern Sahara region.

What is the capital city of Western Sahara?

The capital city of Western Sahara is El Aaiún.

Can tourists visit Western Sahara?

Western Sahara is not a country that tourists are typically allowed to visit. It is instead considered to be part of Morocco, although the Moroccan government has stated that it would allow tourists to visit the territory if it were granted independence.


The Western Sahara is an interesting and important part of Africa. It has a rich history and contains some amazing physical and political features.

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