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A few months ago, I received an invitation from J.R. Sanders, a western writer in my Facebook forum. J.R. is a native of Newton, Kansas. He now lives in California and is a passionate enthusiast of the Old West and its history. He and a few other woolly western lovers set up a Facebook Group and called it Western Book Readers. The group now boasts 352 members, basically proving what I have been yelling for many years—the western stills survives!

Some months ago, I wrote a short article, Western Writing is not Dead, on the state of western literature and its writers. The fact that over 352 western writers and authors can come together within a few months speaks for itself. I reckon there are thousands out there penning away on their notebooks, pencil and paper or computers. I also reckon that there are probably hundreds of unpublished books and stories sitting in old cardboard boxes gathering dust. One day they will be thrown out and burned, or just go rotten with age. There are also a multitude of western writer groups all across America. Groups like Western Writers of America, Women Writing the West and Wyoming Writers Inc., to name just a few.

I am certain there are heaps of good material out there just waiting to be turned into a film or TV series. When I was a kid growing up in Ireland, western series ran on the old black and white screens almost five days a week. Shows like The Virginian, Wagon Train, Bat Masterson, Tombstone Territory, Gunsmoke, The Loner, The High Chaparral, Bonanza, The Iron Horse, Cheyenne, Rawhide, Rifleman and Lancer to name a few. That was top-class entertainment! When any of these old series come on, I have the old VCR scheduled accordingly. I still enjoy them one and all.


But, don’t let me get carried away. The main reason for this page is my desire to help and promote these writers in their efforts to get their work in front of the public. And I’m always looking for new methods to do that. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, songs, poetry or whatever. My aim is to promote the unknown writers, the lessor-known writers, and the first-time writers. I’m not here to promote well-established or celebrity writers with tons of cash to fork out for promotion.

Promotion and marketing are a common problem for lessor-known writers. If the public doesn’t know about us, they are not going to buy our work (very important) or read our stories. Therefore, visibility is the key word here. Thus, consider this website as a call to all you western writers out there wherever you are. This is an opportunity to promote your writing to the world. I will do my best to push this website up the rankings within the various search engines around the world.

This is a FREE offer. You may think, “Hell, there’s nothing FREE in this world. However, in this case, it’s true. Well… almost.

My main aim is to make this western site one of the best in the world. To do that, I need to draw as many visitors to my site as possible. Thus, the more writers, books and other western information I put on my site, the more visitors I receive. It becomes a win-win situation for us all. Writers gain more visibility for their books—and hopefully more sales—while I get more visitors to Western Encounters.

To list your books on Western Encounters, I require the following:

•Book Title
•Author Name
•Short Blurb/Synopsis
•Planned Release or Publication Date
•Formats: (Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover, etc.)
•Two (2) JPG or BMP photos of the book cover (size doesn’t matter).
•List of all locations where you book can be purchased (Example: Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, etc.)
•Website URL (If you don’t have a website, use your Facebook page, Twitter page or some other social media link)

Send the above information to: [email protected]

Please do not wait until your book is published before you start promotion. The earlier you start, the better chance it has of selling copies. The key is to attract attention and have people waiting for your masterpiece instead of finding out about it twelve months after publication date.

If you already have your book/books published and you have received some reviews, then please include those in your submission. Reviews are one of the best promotion tools you can get for marketing your book. The more the better. I shall be setting up a REVIEW section on this site. Once I receive a review, I will post it in the review section with a link to the author’s book.

Writers who have books in Bookstore

David Althouse
Robert J. Alvarado

Magnolia Belle
J.D. Best
Carol Buchanan
Stoney Greywolf Bowers
Janna Bommersbach
Duane Boehm

Ralph Cotton
D. L. Chance
Ralph Compton
Becky Coffield
Daniel C Chamberlain
Scott Christensen


Wayne D. Dundee
Phil Dunlap
Chris G Derrick
Dale Day

Carol Eckhardt
Edward M Erdelac

Caroline Fyffe
Patricia Frolander
Elisabeth Grace Foley

Erich Martin Hicks
L.P. Holmes
Tammy Hinton
James P. Hanley

William W. Johnstone

Louis Kraft
Bob E. Kinford

McKendree R. Long III
John Legg
Heath Lowrance
Elaine Littau
Stan Lynde
Paul Lederer

Meg Mims
Robert B. McNeill
Tony Masero
William L McGee
Sandra McGee
Rionna Morgan

Patrick Norris

Diana Palmer
Norvell Page
Lauran Paine|
Matthew Pizzolato
Robert Pohle
John Putman

Allen Russell
Jacquie Rogers

Troy D. Smith
Jodi Lea Stewart
Larry D. Sweazy
Stephy Smith
Jetta Stone
J.R. Sanders
Zane Sterling
Gary L. Stuart

Heidi M. Thomas
Chuck Tyrell

Various Authors

Nan Weber
Ermal Walden Williamson
C Wayne Winkle
Cynthia Woolf

Celia Yeary