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Hawk Eyes.  Sixteen-year-old Benson Sadler meets a most unusual man in 1870. Chained to a tree, the man seems destined to hang for murder. In response to the boy's curiosity, Hawk Eyes shares his story of bad luck and misadventure. As if a master storyteller sitting comfortably by a campfire, Hawk Eyes relates near-death escapes, living with the Cherokee, gunfights, the death of friends and loved ones, and a quest for revenge.


Author: David Althouse
Pub Date: Sep. 4,  2011
Formats: Kindle & Paperback






Longhorns and Outlaws


Twelve-year-old Lucas Vogel would rather be in school and safe at home than work as a cowboy. He has no choice but to go along with his older brother, punching cows in the Big Muddy Badlands, and trying to find the cousin that turns out to be an outlaw! Due to the tragic death of his parents, twelve-year-old Lucas Vogel finds himself on a cattle drive from Montana to Saskatchewan's Big Muddy badlands at the turn of the century. He's recently lost his Dutch immigrant parents in a devastating hurricane in Texas and has taken the train to Montana with his older brother Gil, a cowboy. Forced to leave their home, they need to make a living, and being cowboys will do that. Learning to be a cowboy is more challenging, and rewarding, than Lucas could have imagined. He's lucky enough to get a wonderful horse to ride - Moon, an Appaloosa horse trained by the Nez Perce people, whose skills and instincts help him learn how to handle cattle. The other cowboys help him, and in time Lucas grows to understand the ways of cowboys; their strength, courage and illingness to help and support each other. On the trip, Lucas has two interests. The first is to try and find the boys' cousin Henry, who they believe may be able to give Lucas a home so he can go back to school. The second is his fascination with "wanted" posters of notorious outlaws. He reads about the famous Pinkerton detectives and wonders if he himself might be able to spot and help capture an outlaw. He succeeds beyond his dreams. He proves himself a competent and resourceful cowboy and helps recover his outfit's horses after they're stolen in the Big Muddy.They do find Cousin Henry and Lucas does help catch an outlaw, the fabled Dutch Henry. Only problem is that, yes, they're the same guy. By the end of the story, Lucas still loves books, but he's found out that there are many ways to learn about the world.


Author: Linda Aksomitis
Pub Date:  2008
Formats:  Paperback







star of the young pistolero


After the gun battle at the Anaya hacienda in Corrales, New Mexico, the fight where Rafe’s beloved Chiwiwi was killed, the saga of Rafael Ortega de Estrada continues. Rafe must risk returning to Torreón, Mexico, to rescue his mother and sister from the hacienda owned by don Bernardo Reyes. It was his duty to protect his family, but he ran when he shot don Bernardo for raping his younger sister, and they suffered. The guilt in his heart burns with rage – a rage that will see his mother and sister safe, but an unbearable surprise awaits him at the hacienda. American expansion pushes westward from Texas to New Mexico after the territory is incorporated into the United States, but the newcomers are bringing their prejudices. They perceive Native Americans as savages and Hispanics as inferior. Cattle rancher, John B. Sutton, heads for New Mexico after Texas begins charging for free grazing, settling in San Marcial, New Mexico. The peaceful residents of San Marcial are no match for Sutton’s well-heeled cowboys. Rafe finds himself in the center, between the newcomers and the Spanish settlers, and only guns and courage can bring peace to the valley. Once again, Robert J. Alvarado brings his unique Hispanic perspective to this continuing saga set in the American Southwest. His stories transport the reader to a time and place where history and fiction collide. The material in this book is for mature audiences only and contains graphic content and language. It is intended for readers aged 18 and older.


Author: Robert J. Alvarado
Pub Date:  Aug. 11, 2014
Formats:  Paperback & Kindle



















































































































































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