lawman from nolagesBuy Now


Lawman from Nogales. Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack is hunting Luis and Teto Torres, the notorious leaders of the ruthless Gun Killers Gang. Little does he know that an ambush is waiting for him in the town of Wild Roses. Only the courageous actions of the beautiful Erin Donovan keep the ranger from meeting his end. But Erin has a secret that may prove deadlier than any ambush


Author: Ralph Cotton
Pub Date: October 4,2011
Formats: Kindle &  Paperback






line shack winterBuy Now


It's winter and that means settling in up at the Wyoming Ranch's line shack while the snow lays deep. For Charlie Phipps that is just fine, he likes the isolation and its peace and quiet. This winter though, he's getting some company and it's the son of his boss.
An action-packed adventure loaded with real-life humor and suspense.


Author: D. L. Chance
Pub Date: November 1,,2011
Formats: Nook & Kindle






Rowdy Tales from the Great American WestBuy Now


Rowdy Tales From The Great American West is a collection featuring four of the humorous western-flavored stories D.L. Chance is known for, including The Logger's Inheritance, Dinner In Town, Brady Hammer Stole A Pie and Wilbur And The Dour Demon, as well as The Weary Pilgrim, a never-before published essay about his minister father.


Author: D. L. Chance
Pub Date: November 1,,2011
Formats: Nook & Kindle






the ghost of apache creekBuy Now


The Ghost of Apache Creek. The only folk left behind in Apache Creek are ghosts, including Marshall Sam Pace. Three years of solitude have turned Sam into a phantom, but when a woman on the run stumbles into town, the former lawman must protect her and make use of gunslinger skills long out of practice.


Author: Ralph Compton
Pub Date: November 1,,2011
Formats: Kindle &  Paperback






life was a cabaretBuy Now


This award-winning nonfiction sea adventure is a must read. New sailors will garner a wealth of helpful information as the author and her husband manage to stay afloat for 25,000 miles of fun and adventure. Old salts will enjoy some hearty entertainment and chuckles as well.
Be prepared to want to pack your sea bags and leave on the first boat you see! This audacious, rollicking adventure is about two neophyte sailors who didn't know "one pointy end of a boat from the other pointy end" as they sailed from the Pacific Northwest to Alaska for two years and thence to the South Pacific. Unbelievable!

This book is living proof that "dreams really do come true!"


Author: Becky Coffield
Pub Date: january 4,2010
Formats: Kindle







The Long ShootersBuy Now


Colorado, 1877 In the grinding death mill of the trenches of Petersburg, Virginia, in the closing days of the Civil War, a Union sharpshooter – a “long-shooter” named Ballou – emerges as the best sniper in a war where wholesale slaughter became the norm. Ballou perfected the art of the judicious killer. His ability with his cherished Stephens target rifle is legendary, making a nearly miraculous shot that no one else – North or South – could accomplish. After the war, he disappears…  Samuel Roark is a small-time rancher and part-time lawyer. One personal tragedy after another leaves Samuel gripped by periodic bouts of depression. When a hidden marksman of uncommon skill murders his son, the death leaves Samuel on the brink of total madness. Roark’s wife Sarah, a woman of strength, grace and startling beauty is now both emotionally and physically exhausted by the tragic circumstances that have beset her family. After discovering her husband’s quest for revenge, she does everything in her power to prevent what she fears will ultimately destroy him
Matthew Shaw is a known manhunter and soldier of fortune that people call on when they’re willing to pay someone else to deal with obstacles in their lives. When required, Shaw reluctantly uses his considerable marksmanship to achieve those ends. Now Shaw finds himself caught between a job he truly believes in, and a very good reason to walk away when he realizes he’s falling in love with Sarah, the wife of the man who hired him.


Author: Daniel C Chamberlain
Pub Date: June 26,,2011
Formats: Kindle &  Paperback

Coming Soon






Escape from the AlamoBuy Now


Remember the Alamo! The defenders fought bravely, to the last man, giving their lives for freedom and the Republic of Texas. But suppose one of those warriors survived the battle? What could he do? Where could he go? He's supposed to be dead. Escape from the Alamo is the story of young George Hanks, an ever-grinning Tennessee lad called "Possum" by Davy Crockett. No longer grinning, Possum finds himself on the battlefield at San Jacinto, wounded, confused and alone. He can't go back to Tennessee because they believe he died at the Alamo. What's become of his idol, Davy Crockett? Possum believes that Crockett must have also survived the Alamo battle, and undertakes to find him in South Texas. Possum's journey to manhood takes him through fights with Indians and bandits, arrest and trial, and enlistment in the Texas Rangers.
Winner of Writers Digest Award
Dac Crossley"s "Escape from the Alamo" is an example of western fiction at its finest. Crossley instantly snagged my attention in the first paragraph with the vivid description, providing a setting that actually became as important as the characters. The story moves at a nice pace that will keep readers riveted yet provide just enough opportunities to catch their collective breath. The chapters all ended on hooks that will prevent readers from putting down the book. The front cover is attractive and appropriate for the setting. The back cover provides a nice blurb that will intrigue prospective readers enough to make them want to open the book. The author picture is a nice touch. Writers Digest.


Author: Dac Crossley
Pub Date: Nov.2010
Formats: Kindle &  Paperback







Kid Colter Wong End of His Guns


Soldiers ride into Jacksboro, Texas to issue a call for volunteers to fight. Shots have already been fired at Fort Sumter in the war for Southern independence. At the time the War was only expected to last three months. Winn Colter was only thirteen years old but steps forward to volunteer with the other Texans. When questioned about his age, he was told to go home and send his father to fight. Being told you can't do something never sits well with a strong willed teenager. One way or another...he was going to fight! After waiting nearly two years, on his 15th birthday, Winn Colter kissed his Mother, mounted his horse and rode away to war without ever looking back. Even at his young age, Colter would prove to be a man of skill!
On the frontier, a boy grew up with a gun in his hand almost before he learned to walk. In an area where the only justice rode on a man's own hip, he better have frontier savey or he would be missing his hair and might not survive. That was the way of the west!  As the son of a gunsmith, Colter learned more than most boys and had a natural ability. Men that shot as well as Winn sometimes ended up on on the wrong side of the law or even dead. Before Winn goes off to war, he is warned about the dangers of reputations and he tries to heed the warnings.  Colter is on a mission when he's forced to make a choice of follow orders and let a woman die or rescue her and run. It's a decision that could change his life.Later, clues to an old murder are revealed and Colter is faced with new challenges that put hidden talents back in action. There's unexpected twist and turns in his journey that will catch you by surprise. in the end you'll wonder how many men have to face the wrong end of Kid Colter's guns!


Author: Scott Christensen
Pub Date: April 1st, 2015
Formats: Kindle &  Paperback



































































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